Artem Saldaev

Artem Saldaev

Content Writer, Editor

As a writer with 4+ years’ experience, Arty believes everyone should have access to knowledge, without getting lost in complex jargon. That’s why, through his writing, he aims to make information accessible, helping readers discover and understand new ideas without the hassle.

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mass appeal cover with young man smiling into camera
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
Loyalty and Customer Engagement Strategies for Restaurant Apps
young man in shirt with glasses on podcast episode cover
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
How to Acquire Subscribers for Your Brand’s App
young man smiling at phone with GEO engagement growth rate
Mobile Data , Mobile Games
New UA Opportunities: Where Should You Grow Your Mobile Game?
mass appeal podcast cover with young man's face
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
Cross-Promoting Mobile Games within Your Studio’s Portfolio
man sat down playing card or rpg games
Mobile Data , Mobile Games
Top Mobile Games in 2024: Which Titles Engage and Cash In?
mass appeal podcast cover with an image of a young woman
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
App Leaders in Gamification – Why They Knock It Out of the Park
close-up of person holding phone with playtime offers and burger, chips icons as decorative elements
Mobile Games , Monetization
Games in QSR Apps: Give Users More for Daily Brand Engagement
young person sitting at computer with decorative element of dashboard
Mobile Data , User Acquisition
User Acquisition KPIs: What Should You Be Tracking for Your App?
young man smiling into the camera on a mass appeal podcast tile
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
Unlocking the Power of Rewarded Gaming Experiences in Apps
person holding a phone with decorative dashboard elements
User Acquisition
5 Ways to Optimize the Performance of Your Playtime UA Campaigns
banner with Nico from ATM smiling into the camera
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
Building Apps with Empathy
man smiling into camera with blue shirt on as part of mass appeal podcast image
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
Returning Value to Users with Cashback from E-Commerce Brands
young man standing with a panda toy
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
How Apps Can Change the Habits of People
young woman looking down at phone with QSR app mockup
Mobile Games , Monetization
3 Ways QSR Apps Can Drive Continuous User Engagement 
decorative image of sergio palau crossing his arms
Mass Appeal Podcast , User Acquisition
How PAYBACK Grew Its Brand to Reach a Third of German Households
purple decorative image for episode 4 of Mass Appeal podcast
Interview , Mass Appeal Podcast
Improving the Performance of Free-to-Play Games
young man smiling at camera with decorative illustrations around him
Interview , Mass Appeal Podcast
Optionality: The Future of Loyalty in Mobile Apps
image of young man with long hair against mass appeal branding backdrop
Interview , Mass Appeal Podcast
Gamifying Crypto Investments to Drive Loyalty & Acquisition

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