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Cross-Promoting Mobile Games within Your Studio’s Portfolio

Episode #11 of the Mass Appeal podcast

In this episode of the Mass Appeal podcast, our host Tommy explores advanced mobile game marketing strategies with a guest who knows all the ins and outs of this topic – Janos Perei, the Head of Growth at SYBO. This developer brought to us the iconic Subway Surfers, and thanks to Janos, we get a comprehensive look at how strategic initiatives like organic growth and cross-promotion propelled this and other titles to the mobile game stardom.

After a year at SYBO, Janos shares applicable insights on how to build a strong brand and engage the community to drive scale. And, of course, the episode wouldn’t be complete without discussing the challenges of rapid app growth – like the ones SYBO faced when developing in-house tech tools – and solutions that helped the company overcome every difficulty.

What’s the Topic?

Don’t miss out on learning about:

  • the significance of organic growth in the mobile gaming sector
  • the strategic use of cross-promotion to enhance user engagement across multiple games
  • the benefits and challenges of creating in-house promotional tools to enhance marketing efficiency and safeguard data privacy

What to Listen Out for

  • 1:25 Janos Perei’s background and role at SYBO
  • 5:34 Mobile games moving the needle
  • 7:24 The secret behind Subway Surfers success
  • 10:00 What is cross-promotion?
  • 12:32 SYBO’s pillars of privacy controls
  • 15:38 The user experience of cross-promotion
  • 17:45 Mitigating “cannibalization” within game portfolios
  • 22:00 Segmenting cross-promotions
  • 23:00 Can smaller game studios do cross-promotion?
  • 25:50 The challenges of cross-promotion


“At SYBO we put a lot of importance on content marketing. We have an amazing team in our player experience team who is essentially focusing on all the different social media channels and literally living and breathing it.”

Janos Perei, Head of Growth at SYBO

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