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Building Apps with Empathy

Episode #8 of the Mass Appeal podcast

In the latest episode of the Mass Appeal podcast, brought to you by adjoe, host Tommy gets to talk app monetization with Nico Ritschel, Director of Engineering at ATM. Nico shares the journey of ATM, highlighting how the platform has evolved from its initial focus on data monetization to a comprehensive rewards app that offers more than just cashback.

Throughout the chat, Nico emphasizes the importance of listening to user feedback and how it has shaped ATM into a platform that not only rewards users but also offers them financial tools. With a candid look into the development process, Nico reveals how to overcome the challenges of building features that genuinely benefit users.

What’s the Topic?

  • The evolution of ATM from a data monetization app to a full-fledged rewards platform
  • The impact of user feedback on ATM’s development
  • Upcoming features designed to enhance users’ financial well-being

What to Listen Out for

  • 4:07 Nico’s industry background
  • 5:55 What is ATM? 
  • 10:40 Developing ATM’s features
  • 13:58 Daily questions
  • 16:43 Making product decisions
  • 20:00 A perspective outside data
  • 21:24 An engineer’s role
  • 27:00 What’s ahead?


“Remember that most of the decisions we make are the reversible type. Distribute some of that decision-making, and it will generally end up working out for the best.”

Nico Ritschel, Director of Engineering at

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