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Returning Value to Users with Cashback from E-Commerce Brands

Episode #7 of the Mass Appeal podcast

In the latest episode of the Mass Appeal podcast, brought to you by adjoe, host Tommy Yannopoulos sits down with Miguel Acosta, the seasoned CEO of beruby and Gelt. With a mix of warmth and wisdom, Miguel shares his professional journey, touching on the critical shifts in consumer behavior and technology’s role in shaping spending habits.

Miguel brings his storied background to the conversation, starting from his days in investment banking to his pivotal role in developing beruby into a platform that defined the cashback ecosystem. He talks about the patience required to grow in slow-moving markets and the importance of providing value to users in an economy where advertisers and merchants benefit significantly from consumer interactions.

What’s the Topic?

Get a glimpse of Miguel’s perspective on:

  • Consumer-centric business models: How BeRuby and Gelt prioritize user benefits in their operations.
  • Adapting to market needs: The evolution of business strategies to meet the demands of the e-commerce landscape.
  • The power of patience in growth: Miguel’s approach to business expansion and the organic development of the cashback model in various markets.
  • Personal development & work–life balance: A candid discussion on the importance of taking a step back to disconnect and recharge.

What to Listen Out for

  • 4:46 Miguel’s backstory & beruby’s origin
  • 13:00 The cashback app landscape at beruby’s start
  • 14:10 How the business model changed
  • 17:00 What it took to make the shift
  • 18:48 The “long-tail” cashback model for e-commerce
  • 24:32 How customer experience factors in with cashback
  • 30:30 What’s to come in 2024


“I really think that the incentivized market makes sense. But again, the market did not see it that way. And at one point you always need to realize that you need to adapt yourself to what the market is demanding as opposed to what you think the market should be demanding.”

Miguel Acosta, CEO at beruby, Gelt

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