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two phone screens with publisher and advertiser app in an engagement loop
Mobile Data, Monetization
Why Playtime Can’t Compete with Other Mobile Ad Formats
abstract image of phone screen showing different formats of rewarded ads in apps
Mobile Data, Monetization
The State of Rewarded Ads: Leverage Them or Leave Them?
Mobile Data, User Acquisition
Top Airline Apps: Your Ticket To App Usage Data and Retention
abstract image of simulation games for article
Mobile Games
The Method in the Mundane: Why Do We Like Simulation Games?
abstract image of user acquisition campaigns with Playtime
User Acquisition
5 Ways to Revive and Revolutionize Your User Acquisition Campaigns
UA Insights with Rovio UA Manager
Interview, Mobile Games
User Acquisition Insights with Kentaro Sugiura
featured image of mobile RPG games at adjoe
Mobile Data, Mobile Games
An Ode to Multiplayer Mode: How Role-Playing Games Retain Their Users
CEO Dan Beasley of Viker Games
Interview, Mobile Games
Viker Vows to Create World’s Biggest Cryptocommunity in Mobile Gaming
young man sat down on a gamified dating app
Mobile Data, Monetization
The Meet Group: Meet the (Match)Makers of Gamified Online Dating
abstract image of mobile measurement partners
User Acquisition
adjoe Rolls Out Automated Campaign Tracking
three young people staring into their phone screens
Mobile Data, Monetization
App Monetization Trends Outlook: Crush Your Conversion Ceiling
Mobile Data, Monetization
The Data on Dating Apps: Most Used Dating Apps by Country
Screen displaying adjoe advance presented at hyper games conference
User Acquisition
How to Make Your Hypercasual Game Hyperprofitable

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