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Unlocking the Power of Rewarded Gaming Experiences in Apps

Episode #9 of the Mass Appeal podcast

In episode 9 of the Mass Appeal podcast our host Tommy welcomes the newly appointed General Manager of Fetch Play, Marc Bearman. Fresh off his second week at Fetch Play, Marc brings a wealth of adtech experience, including pivotal roles at companies like AOL, Twitter, and oolo. Marc and Tommy discuss the intersection of app monetization and gaming and explore how Fetch Play engages users through rewarded gaming experiences.

In this episode, Marc discusses the strategic importance of integrating gaming into the Fetch ecosystem, highlighting how it significantly enhances user retention by providing a compelling reason for daily engagement. By rewarding users with Fetch Points for playing their favorite games, Fetch Play not only broadens its appeal to nontraditional gamers but also opens up new avenues for game developers to tap into a highly engaged and monetizable audience.

What’s the Topic?

Get a glimpse of Marc’s perspective on:

  • How to convert everyday gaming into opportunities for building loyalty
  • Strategies for engaging nontraditional gamers through rewards and simplifying the gaming discovery process
  • The potential of rewarded gaming to redefine user engagement and open new channels for game developers

What to Listen Out for

  • 1:27 Marc’s role at Fetch and background in adtech
  • 5:04 The evolution of rewarded video
  • 7:51 Integrating gaming into a rewards program
  • 12:31 Navigating user feedback and the importance of data-driven decisions
  • 16:24 Fetch’s unique position as a rewards and loyalty app
  • 22:23 Exploring user engagement and data accuracy
  • 23:54 The Fetch Play Initiative
  • 26:15 Win–win–win: Fetch–game studios–consumers
  • 34:47 How fetch appeals to gamers and nongamers
  • 39:46 Looking ahead: the future of gaming and rewards with Fetch ​


“We’re introducing our audience of 100-percent budgetary household decision-makers to the concept of spending time on mobile games. Typically, these aren’t the people who feel they can justify gaming. So, we’ve shifted it from being a choice they might normally dismiss to something that is less of a guilty pleasure and more of a productive endeavor.”

Marc Bearman, General Manager at Fetch Play

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