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How Apps Can Change the Habits of People

Episode #6 of the Mass Appeal Podcast

In the latest episode of the Mass Appeal podcast, brought to you by adjoe, host Tommy Yannopoulos is joined by Yves Benchimol, CEO and Co-Founder of WeWard, the innovative app that’s revolutionizing the concept of walking. This episode dives deep into how WeWard has successfully motivated its vast user base to increase their daily steps by 25 percent through strategic partnerships, gamification, and rewards.

Yves brings his expertise in both tech and wellness to foster healthier lifestyles across the globe. With over 20 million users worldwide, WeWard’s mission extends beyond just counting steps; it’s about creating a more active, healthier society.

What’s the Topic?

This episode offers an in-depth look into WeWard’s approach to changing habits, including:

  • Gamification strategies: How WeWard’s gamified system – complete with goals, badges, and achievements – motivates users to keep moving.
  • The power of social interaction: The role of community in WeWard’s ecosystem, which encourages users to connect, compete, and share successes.
  • Innovative rewards system: How users convert steps into tangible rewards and the strategic partnerships that make this possible, including the collaboration with adjoe.
  • Expansion ambitions: WeWard’s plans to grow its footprint in the US market, as it leverages its success in Europe and beyond.

What to Listen Out for

  • 3:06 Yves’s background
  • 7:14 WeWard’s origin story and the beauty of walking
  • 11:11 The three motivational pillars
  • 13:38 What motivates people the most?
  • 18:58 Deciding when to kill a feature
  • 22:35 How we decided to expand to other countries
  • 31:05 Amplifying our reward strategy with games
  • 36:04 The BEST walk


“Our vision of WeWard is to increase the number of steps of millions of people … It’s a way to make people go outside, be in the real environment, and be at what we call the natural speed of people.”

Yves Benchimol, CEO and Co-Founder of WeWard

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