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Connect with top global publishers, thanks to our in-house SSP and ad mediation service.

Our Promise to Partners

Direct Access to Publishers

Offers 100% direct SDK traffic with adjoe’s in-house SSP and mediation service

Access to All Impressions

Operates a bidding-only auction and ensures all demand sources have access to every ad request

Fair Competition

Promotes fair treatment for all partners by not charging any revenue share on ad exchange or mediation

Exclusive Inventory

Connects you with top supply sources – gaming apps and rewarded verticals from the highest-grossing publishers

Our Ad Formats
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Our Ad Formats
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Open Measurement

adjoe’s WAVE Exchange has integrated the IAB’s Open Measurement SDK to ensure that every app on the exchange follows brand safety measures.
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Every app on WAVE has the app-ads.txt file, which lists all the ad sources allowed to sell their inventory. This prevents unauthorized reselling and app spoofing.
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adjoe’s sellers.json file lists all our authorized sellers and resellers. WAVE Exchange thereby increases transparency and prevents fraud.
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Enjoy direct SDK traffic with WAVE

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adjoe’s mediation with a 0% revenue share model and a bidding-only approach is a game-changer. This allows Kayzen to have access to more premium inventory than usual and optimize the supply chain. Fair and transparent adtech solutions are what the mobile advertising industry really needs.
Tim Koschella
CEO & Founder at Kayzen
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adjoe’s mediation makes it easy for publishers to integrate Mintegral as a bidding partner. This partnership provides adjoe’s WAVE customers with a method to maximize the value of their inventory. It also gives Mintegral’s advertisers the opportunity to access WAVE’s traffic, unlocking further reach and more value.
Hector Almeida

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