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How to Acquire Subscribers for Your Brand’s App

Episode #12 of the Mass Appeal podcast

In this episode of the Mass Appeal podcast, we get to hear from Tobias Lüder, the Head of CRM at Delivery Hero. Tobias sheds light on how Delivery Hero, through its various brands like Foodora and Yemek, engages millions of customers across multiple markets.

In the 30 minutes with host Tommy, Tobias reveals the strategies Delivery Hero employs to increase customer engagement and loyalty, including the effective use of gamification, vouchers, and challenges to keep users coming back. He also shares insights into how the company uses a subscription model to lock in loyalty while managing the delicate balance between heavy and loyal users.

Don’t miss out on learning about:

  • subscription models and how they drive customer loyalty
  • increasing user engagement through gamification, including spin-the-wheel games and loyalty programs
  • differentiating heavy users from loyal users to deliver more personalized marketing
  • the challenges and rewards of implementing user challenges and loyalty programs

What to Listen Out for

  • 2:40 – Tobi’s background
  • 5:16 – Changes to CRM strategies in different countries
  • 6:40 – About Delivery Hero
  • 9:38 – How to win the loyalty of your customers
  • 14:40 – Heavy users vs loyal users
  • 18:12 – Measuring results with control groups
  • 20:48 – Attracting customers to our loyalty program
  • 15:25 – Acquiring subscribers in the app
  • 28:09 – Importance of frequency as a metric


“We always have this idea: ‘Okay, let’s spend each euro in the most effective way.’ So that would mean reaching incrementality, checking how active our customers are, and always looking into the future.”

Tobias Lüder, the Head of CRM at Delivery Hero.

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