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How PAYBACK Grew Its Brand to Reach a Third of German Households

Episode #5 of the Mass Appeal podcast

In the latest episode of the Mass Appeal Podcast, host Tommy Yannopoulos is joined by Sergio Palau, App Performance Marketing Specialist at PAYBACK, Europe’s leader in the loyalty program market. This episode explores PAYBACK’s strategies behind engaging and retaining one in every three German households, including the strategic decision behind emphasizing the offerwall within the app.

Sergio brings a diverse background from mobile gaming and user acquisition to his role at PAYBACK. His journey through various industries has equipped him with a unique perspective on user engagement strategies.

What’s the Topic?

This episode offers an in-depth look at PAYBACK’s approach to customer engagement, including:

  • Building trust and transparency with users, a crucial aspect in privacy-focused markets like Germany. 
  • The rationale behind PAYBACK’s focus on their offerwall, particularly the integration of Spielewelt.
  • An overview of Spielewelt, PAYBACK’s gaming platform powered by Playtime, and its role in enhancing user engagement. 
  • An exploration of the breadth of PAYBACK’s loyalty program, which extends across various sectors, simplifying the loyalty experience for consumers.
  • The strategy behind educating customers on the effective use of the PAYBACK app. Sergio explains how this has improved user engagement with the app.

What to Listen Out for

  • 1:03 Sergio’s background
  • 5:25 What is PAYBACK?
  • 9:54 Gamifying PAYBACK to drive engagement
  • 15:50 The trust and value exchange of consumer data
  • 17:12 Educating users on our app’s offerwall
  • 25:25 Providing a rewarding gaming experience


“What gaming does – and that’s something that really changed the game – is we’re able, for the first time, to give our users points for free. All of the other points are transactional.”

Sergio Palau, App Performance Marketing Specialist at PAYBACK.

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