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Long-Term Loyalty through Games

Our partners build the best mobile games. We built our loyalty solution to bring these games to your app. So you enjoy higher revenue and CLTV.
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It starts with games; it ends with more active users, greater daily brand engagement, and a new revenue stream.
Our games-centric loyalty solution adjoe Arcade drives your customers to your loyalty program and boosts mobile adoption.
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Adjoe Arcade
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Your Users Want Games

Are you tapping into the billions of gamers all around us? Our free loyalty solution adjoe Arcade rewards your users with your app’s currency when they play mobile games. You reap the rewards of higher retention and incremental revenue.

2.2 billion

mobile gamers are on this planet.


of smartphone users’ time spent is playing mobile games.


of global app revenue comes from mobile games.
How adjoe Arcade Works
Brands integrate Arcade into their loyalty app
Users see personalized game offers
Users engage with top games to earn points
Users receive and redeem loyalty points
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How adjoe Arcade Works
Greater Revenue
Loyalty programs are able to increase their revenue by up to 50% with adjoe Arcade – without cannibalizing their other revenue streams.
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Higher Retention & CLTV
Not all users are ready to make daily purchases. adjoe Arcade ensures they can still engage with your brand by earning daily rewards instead and increasing their purchase rates.
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Superior Personalization
adjoe Arcade takes your user’s mobile interests and demographic profile and turns these insights into a highly relevant in-app experience. One we know they’ll appreciate.
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Better Brand Engagement
Be where your customers are – on their phones and playing mobile games. Your customers can earn daily rewards to spend on your brand while playing the world’s top games.
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Give users a continuously positive experience.
adjoe Arcade is designed to look native to your brand’s mobile experience.
Build trust – customers know exactly what to expect with Arcade’s rewarded experience.
Users can track their reward journey for your brand in Arcade’s My Games section.

Give your team an easy-to-use loyalty solution.

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Enjoy seamless SDK and API integrations into your brand’s mobile app.
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Receive support from our team who will bring you the best games for your app.
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Know that our automated system ensures every user receives their rewards.

Curious about how adjoe Arcade works?

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two phones overlapping showing the DeutschlandCard offerwall
When it came to adding games into our users’ experience, the demand to do so came directly from the users themselves. Giving users the opportunity to earn points for doing something they enjoy was therefore natural.
Julian Wicht
VP Marketing & e-Commerce, DeutschlandCard
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adjoe Arcade is like morning coffee for our customers – especially the first-time users. It quickly energizes them with the thrill of earning rewards and simultaneously reduces their mobile bills – all by playing games.
Sean Eyen
Head of Revenue & Monetization, Play2Pay
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