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Optionality: The Future of Loyalty in Mobile Apps

Episode #3 of the Mass Appeal podcast

Mass Appeal podcast host Tommy Yannopoulos sits down with Sami Khan, CEO and Co-Founder of ATLAS Reality, a trailblazing company in the mobile gaming world known for its leading real estate app in the metaverse.

Sami, a dynamic force in the app industry, began his journey in marketing emerging app categories. He played a pivotal role in launching Acorns, propelling it to become the top fintech app in the US, and lent his expertise to Honey, the renowned savings extension, in its growth phase.

What’s the Topic?

In this episode, we delve into the innovative ways ATLAS Reality is fusing the virtual and physical worlds through strategic monetization. Key insights include:

  • exploring the unique approaches to monetization that have set ATLAS Reality apart in the metaverse gaming space
  • strategies for educating customers to not only drive app installs but also ensure sustained engagement
  • understanding the journey from conceptualizing to executing successful monetization strategies in a virtual environment
  • insights from Sami’s previous experiences with Acorns and Honey, and how they shaped his vision for ATLAS Reality

What to Listen Out for

  • 3:04 Sami’s background
  • 11:37 The fear of being a founder
  • 15:57 Installs don’t mean sh*t
  • 19:37 What is ATLAS Reality?
  • 20:26 A vision for the metaverse
  • 25:00 Approaches to monetization for retention
  • 29:32 The future of loyalty


“Ultimately, our goal is to bring real-world value on top of the virtual world. Our vision of the future, especially when it comes to location-based games, is bridging the gap between what you see on the screen and what you experience in the real world.”

– Sami Khan, Co-Founder and CEO at Atlas Reality, Inc.

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