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young woman with short hair looking down at phone with decorative element of playtime offerwall
Monetization , User Acquisition
Playtime vs Offerwall Campaigns: Why You Can’t Compare Them
purple background with phone screen showing crypto app wallet with decorative icons around it
Mobile Data , Mobile Games
6 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Crypto User Base 
young lady sitting on bed looking at her phone with decorative icons around her showing rewards
Rewarded Ads: What Publishers Need to Get Right
young man holding his phone and hot drink with graph showing dropping retention in background
App User Churn: 3 Reasons Why Users Ghost
close-up of someone holding a phone with decorative text: you have a new ad mon partner
Mobile Games , Monetization
Signs Your Mobile App Needs a New Ad Monetization Solution
blond woman with long hair smiling into camera
Interview , Monetization
Expert Series: Navigating In-App Bidding with Anastasia Ignatenko
jacob krüger smiling into camera against a purple background
Interview , Mobile Games
User Acquisition Trends with Jacob Krüger
close-up of phone screen showing crypto app with decorative icons of mobile games
Mobile Data , Mobile Games
Play-to-Earn Crypto: How Games Drive Interaction with Crypto Apps
robot hand and human hand reaching for mobile ad creatives
Mobile Data , Mobile Games
AI in Creative Management: Why AI Alone Isn’t the Answer
young bearded man looking down and smiling at his phone
Mobile Games , User Acquisition
How to Supersize Your Hypercasual Game Retention

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