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Mobile Games Index 2023

Your Index of the Best Mobile Games

What does it take to rank as one of the best mobile games in the world? We know that hit mobile games happen when app developers aim for both quality and quantity.

High-quality in-app experiences and active users translate into engaged gameplay. A high quantity of sessions and active global users leads to impressive user reach and retention. That’s why adjoe and Statista dive deep into app usage, demographics, and downloads in the Mobile Games Index.

What’s Inside?

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Benchmark the Best Games
Who’s on the mobile gaming guestlist? The Mobile Games Index highlights Android titles driving the highest daily app usage across key regions.
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Know Your Audience
Our index of mobile games gives game developers the critical insights to understand their target audience better – from age, region, and app usage.
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Prepare for What’s Coming
Every gaming company has been hit with doubt. Together, adjoe and Statista are giving app developers a glimpse into what‘s happening in the industry until 2027.
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Upgrade Your Strategy
By understanding how app usage changes on a granular level, gaming apps can respond quickly, better segment their UA and monetization strategies, and avoid just hoping for the best.
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In the Mobile Games Index, adjoe uses its first-party data from 94 million users and 50,000 Android apps to look at the most installed mobile games between April 2022 and April 2023. We then drill down further into daily app usage by user, genre, and region.

And we have strength in numbers to sign off this index. adjoe passed the baton to Statista, so you can explore industry forecasts for each gaming genre up until 2027. Find out the forecast for downloads, revenue numbers, and monetization markets.

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User’s age, gender, region
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Android gaming genre
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How Long
Daily app usage in minutes
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About Statista

Statista’s mission is to enable its clients and customers to make the best decisions. The company’s Digital Market Insights presents the most recent figures on markets of the digital economy. Key figures are based on extensive analyses from 150+ countries, 60+ markets, and detailed forecasts up to 2027.

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