Mobile Games Index

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The Mobile Games Index by adjoe and Statista is the industry’s newest guide to benchmark your apps’ performance against the world’s best mobile games.

Read between the rankings: Our data ranks the leading mobile game titles in the world by gaming category and geographic location. Lagging on the leaderboard? Pit yourself against your direct competition and cook up a game plan for how to drive longer and more in-depth sessions from your users.

What’s Inside?

Best Mobile Games

The Mobile Games Index highlights the Android apps with the longest daily session times across the globe.

Key Behavioral Insights

The Index provides app developers with the tools to understand the demographic influence of a user’s mobile behavior.

Growth Forecasts

Statista’s bottom-up research and modeling highlights the expected growth and future for mobile games.

Global Coverage

The Index takes into consideration the worldwide performance of mobile games while highlighting the performance across key regions and countries.

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