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Mobile Games Index 2024

The Snapshot of Mobile
Gaming Today

Which games are captivating players worldwide? Our analysis of over 95 million game interactions brings the current state of play to light. We unveil which games and genres are drawing players in and highlight the latest shifts in gaming habits.

The Mobile Games Index is your benchmark for current mobile gaming, capturing player preferences and forecasting industry trends. With data from adjoe and Statista, this snapshot is set to guide strategies with insights into app usage, demographics, downloads, and more.

What’s Inside?

We designed this report to help you
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Benchmark Your Games
Analyze the performance of industry leaders to understand what sets the best mobile games apart. Benchmark for a clear roadmap and refined strategies.
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Know Your Audience
Target the people who are likely to love your game – we reveal player demographics across genres, including age, region, and app usage habits.
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Prepare for What’s Coming
To facilitate your long-term success, we cross-analyzed our datasets with insights from Statista, predicting the currents of the industry up to 2028.
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Update Your Strategy
Mobile gaming habits evolve fast, rendering old app marketing strategies obsolete. Your annual check-in with adjoe’s index of mobile games ensures your UA and monetization tactics stay up-to-date.
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Our methodology leverages adjoe’s first-party data from 95 million interactions with popular mobile games from over 27 million users and 6,000 Android apps, analyzing installs and usage from February 2023 to February 2024. 

We refined our analysis by estimating daily app usage per app, segmented by app category, region, and user demographics. Then we filtered out extreme usage outliers to ensure accuracy. 

In partnership with Statista, we cross-analyzed this data to offer forecasts up to 2028, looking at download trends, revenue potential, and monetization strategies. 

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User’s age, gender, region
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Android gaming genre
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How Long
Daily app usage in minutes
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About Statista

Statista’s mission is to enable its clients and customers to make the best decisions. The company’s Digital Market Insights presents the most recent figures on markets of the digital economy. Key figures are based on extensive analyses from 150+ countries, 60+ markets, and detailed forecasts up to 2028.

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