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Play-to-Earn Crypto: How Games Drive Interaction with Crypto Apps

Many crypto app publishers cash in on a few high-value users who generate an impressive proportion of overall revenue by buying, selling, and trading crypto. 

These very publishers are, however, missing out on additional revenue impact by neglecting the high proportion of users who are hesitant to trade, buy, and sell crypto. The answer to this additional revenue is access to engaged users who want to earn in a risk-free way. With around two billion mobile gamers on the planet, it’s this audience the cryptosphere needs access to. Why?

Gamers Are Powerful Personas for Crypto Wallets

Mobile gaming has the reach to make crypto apps highly accessible and build more compelling connections with engaged users.

We’re looking at the following personas:

  • Tech-savvy mobile-first individuals, who are ready to jump on trends and explore various digital experiences.

  • Value-conscious users, who want to be suitably rewarded for their time and money. These users are motivated and engaged when a rewarded experience is enhanced through achievements, rewards, and competitive elements.
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Where there are mobile gamers, there’ll be curiosity toward crypto. Play-to-earn crypto mobile games will therefore motivate hesitant first-time crypto users to enter the blockchain world and earn cryptocurrency. Without worrying about any risk of financial loss. 

These rookie users can enjoy easy access to the crypto ecosystem, understand how different cryptocurrencies work, and get to know about various blockchain-based protocols. It’s all about leveraging the familiarity and popularity of mobile games to invoke interest in a new and unexplored tech territory.

Top Mobile Games Will Lift Crypto App Revenue

When crypto apps offer no earning option, they have no way to connect with this lucrative gaming audience. A skeptical audience that otherwise has no funds or incentive to enter the cryptosphere and interact with it.

As we’ve seen in the blockchain gaming space – for this earning option to really work, these millions of crypto newcomers must be connected with a whole portfolio of proven and popular mobile games. Games that have already delivered powerful performance metrics and engaged millions of users.

Once connected with the right play-to-earn crypto games, crypto users would earn, sell, trade, and buy more within one single crypto wallet. This can bring crypto publishers a substantial incremental revenue uplift. 

adjoe and ZEBEDEE Join Forces in Crypto Gaming

ZEBEDEE and adjoe partnered up in summer 2023 to combine one the world’s most powerful Bitcoin wallets with adjoe’s rewarded unit, modeled off its popular Playtime ad unit. Crypto users can now seamlessly earn cryptocurrency through top mobile games in a highly user-friendly and compelling way.

ZEBEDEE integrated adjoe’s Crypto Arcade into its app ZBD and started rewarding its users rewards in Satoshis for playing high-quality games in adjoe’s global gaming network. With top titles already integrated into adjoe’s network, users just had to download a game from the ZBD app and start playing. As rewards flow effortlessly into users’ ZEBEDEE accounts, they can then choose to convert into local currency, buy gift cards for numerous stores, or send money to friends within the ZBD app. 

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Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE, emphasized the significance of the partnership. “Our new collaboration with adjoe enables ZEBEDEE to extend Bitcoin rewards to a vast and growing selection of beloved mobile games. Moreover, it brings a highly engaged user base to adjoe’s ecosystem, without necessitating integration from game makers and publishers. If they’re on Crypto Arcade, users can now earn Bitcoin while playing their games through the ZBD app.

Around 70 percent of ZBD users now earn Bitcoin with adjoe‘s engagement and monetization solution. This demonstrates just how powerful the integration of mobile games can be for crypto apps – and for users trying to navigate the crypto world in an enjoyable and accessible way.

Crypto Calls for New Traffic and Revenue Stream

Competition is coming in hot in the crypto ecosystem to tap into new users and new monetization strategies beyond high-value transactions. Integrating with successful play-to-earn crypto solutions will ensure crypto apps achieve the following:

  • engage both existing users and tap into a whole new tech-savvy mobile gaming audience of two billion users 
  • remove the most common barriers of entry to crypto – fear of risk and complexity – by leveraging the familiarity and popularity of mobile gaming
  • monetize the high percentage of crypto users not making high-value purchases
  • enjoy incremental ad revenue from top mobile game advertisers
  • offer a unique comprehensive and compelling crypto experience that meets all user needs – earning, trading, selling, buying – and boosts app interaction

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