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What Is Playtime: Your Unique Ad Unit for Rewarded Monetization

What is Playtime?

Why is it celebrated by so many global publishers for driving higher revenues and retention?

Among publishers worldwide, the Playtime ad unit has made its name in the market as a highly effective and unique add-on to a publisher’s monetization stack. Playtime users collect the in-app currency of a publisher’s app for the time they spend playing the advertised mobile games displayed in the ad unit. 

With it, app publishers around the world have reeled in revenue uplifts of up to 70 percent by leveraging the power of rewarded monetization and a premium in-app experience.

It’s Time to Make It Personal

The players have spoken: Disruptive ads are killing the vibe. Google has also spoken: It is killing some of these disruptive ads. But unlike many other mobile ad formats, Playtime puts both the publisher and the player first.

Whether a user is low on the in-app currency they need or just want to enhance their in-app experience, they are able to opt into the Playtime experience via a publisher’s app. As part of this transparent user opt-in model, users give permission to access their app usage data. This simply means that those interacting with Playtime initiate the personalized gaming offers themselves. They can be sure these offers are tailored to their user demographic and mobile interests.

With these targeted offers in Playtime, players enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. Meanwhile, publishers enjoy greater engagement and retention metrics in their app as users continue to return to collect the in-app currency they need.

It’s Time to Challenge Churn 

Are your users not entertained? Are they not retained? 

Sometimes, rewarded ad experiences are not quite rewarding enough. Users often drop off when they become frustrated by not receiving the right compensation for their time, when the rewards are too difficult to achieve, or when the rewards become less generous over time. 

So, what’s different with Playtime when you compare it with the rewarded ad formats and rewarded monetization models that have come before it? 

1. Instant and Continuous Rewards

Playtime doesn’t just provide users with a single reward for completing one (often difficult) action. Playtime rewards its users continuously through up to 20 reward milestones for each game they install. Meaning, there’s plenty of reason for users to return and engage with a publisher’s app. Players keep earning in-app currency by playing longer – and app publishers boost both their revenue and retention rate

“The biggest difference we see between Playtime and offerwalls is the rate at which new users complete an offer. Playtime helps us quickly convert a user into an earning user. If we lose a user, a user we invested in, it turns into lost revenue and a wasted cost for us. With Playtime, we see much less user drop-off and it supports our profitability.”

Eric Yoo – CEO at PlayToWin

2. Toast Notifications

And then we pass the baton to notifications. Playtime prides its high retention rates and low churn rates on its toast notifications. Some apps that have integrated this rewarded ad unit have even seen retention rates up to 125 percent higher than with offerwalls. Users receive a toast notification in the advertiser’s app upon receiving their in-app currency. By boosting the visibility of a publisher’s app during gameplay, Playtime then drives users back to the publisher’s app to collect their rewards and continue enjoying the app.

two phone screens of playtime and an advertiser game where publisher increases revenue through rewarded monetization

3. Reliable Rewards

With adjoe’s own developed SDK, Playtime’s rewarded experience is all the more reliable and able to deliver rewards to its users – instead of publishers relying on postbacks from the MMP. Publishers keep their users happy and engaged. 

A Climate for the Nonconventional

Slipping away are the days when IAPs dominated the monetization model. Fast approaching are the days when publishers seek diverse and effective ad units to leverage the capabilities of in-app advertising. 

We expect the number of global mobile gamers to grow by over 30 percent to hit 2.7 billion by 2027. This is a story that has already been told and retold. Mobile gamers aren’t going anywhere. But what about publisher revenue? The story about effectively monetizing happy gamers with a relevant and nondisruptive ad experience is one that is still being written. 

With Playtime’s unique approach to rewarded monetization, more and more app publishers are paving the way for a new player-first narrative in adtech – one that also brings them a new and reliable revenue stream.

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