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How to Maximize Ad Revenue in 5 Steps with Playtime

Being highly strategic with and committed to one’s monetization stack. That’s how app publishers must maximize ad revenue in the current advertising climate. 

The pressure’s on to find more diverse and effective monetization strategies to maximize app earnings – and without risking any revenue loss or cannibalization.

But what if you have a proven rewarded ad unit such as Playtime at your disposal? 

adjoe partners can see a revenue increase of around 150 percent with the help of these five tips – and in some cases, they reach even more than double their revenue.

1. Push Promotions for Incremental Growth

Participating in promotions is the most effective way to increase user engagement and maximize ad revenue with Playtime.

Successful publishers usually align these promotions with peak traffic times, depending on their users and their app (through seasonal promotions around Christmas or Black Friday and regular weekend promotions) or with LiveOps events. Their users can rapidly earn more rewards, sometimes double rewards, for a limited time. 

This gives users a chance to progress in the app faster or purchase more items during the promotional time period. In the meantime, publishers with a top Playtime placement benefit from:

  • up to 50% more users
  • up to 150% increase in installs
  • up to 150% higher revenues 

Playtime offers monetization teams full flexibility to tailor their promotions based on their app’s unique goals and profit margins. They receive guidance from a Playtime account manager to help them find the best setup for the app.

2. Use Notifications Effectively 

Don’t underestimate the power of notifications.

With them, some Playtime partners have been able to increase their revenue by up to 60 percent after increasing their user reach by 45 percent. 

If you have integrated Playtime into your ad stack and are not convinced you’re maximizing your ad revenues, ask yourself if your users know enough about Playtime’s rewards. 

A Playtime account manager will set up a media plan with initiatives to help increase your user reach, making as many of them as possible aware of their unique earning opportunity. This drives users to engage with your app – especially during promotions. 

These initiatives communicating special offers and time-sensitive deals to both new and returning users often include

  • in-app notifications,
  • push notifications, and
  • emails

They have been proven to effectively convert users into revenue-generating users. 

3. Make Playtime Visible

The answer to maximizing publisher revenue is promoting Playtime where users are. What’s the point, after all, in giving users more opportunities to earn if they can’t access these opportunities? 

Optimizing in-app placements can increase publisher revenue by up to 30 percent. 

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Visibility at the right time, in the right place, is key to maximizing ad revenue potential. Publishers should ensure Playtime placements are always prominently displayed at the right time in the user journey. This is because some players are more open to the format at different stages of their in-app experience. 

Our team has noticed these common user behaviors when it comes to interacting with Playtime:

  • Some users are more likely to engage with the ad format on the home screen than in the in-app store.
  • Some users interact most between levels of a mobile game, or when they specifically need in-app currency to progress through the game or unlock certain features. 
  • Some users prefer to interact with Playtime only when they are low on coins. 

Publishers should implement placements in each of these scenarios in order to connect with the user when they are most likely to engage. And multiple in-app placements are important to further enhance visibility.

4. Optimize Your Welcome Screen

First impressions matter. Because a positive user experience starts there.

adjoe partners see an increase in users who opt in and complete the funnel when their journey starts with a welcome screen.

New users discover the importance of opting in to enhance their app experience when publishers implement a welcome screen that greets them before they navigate through Playtime’s T&Cs and usage permissions. Informed users are then more likely to engage, enjoy, and help publishers scale their revenue.

phone screen mockup with Playtime welcome screen for maximizing publisher revenue

Publishers are able to increase the exposure of the format by serving placements in high-traffic areas. This leads to a higher percentage of users opening and interacting with Playtime, which in turn generates greater revenue.

5. Always Implement the Latest SDK Version

If a publisher has the latest Playtime SDK version, they’re giving themselves the best-possible chance of maximizing ad revenue. 

The SDK serves as the backbone of Playtime, and our developers regularly optimize it to improve our partners’ performance. 

An up-to-date SDK version is nonnegotiable for the following reasons:

  • Publishers have access to the latest performance-enhancing features and advanced capabilities for user interaction and overall performance
  • Publishers enjoy better security
  • Publishers have guaranteed compatibility with third-party tools they are using – outdated SDK versions might not be compatible with these tools
a laptop screen showing an email about an SDK update to maximize ad revenue

Any integration issues and security problems would limit a publisher’s ad revenue potential. The good news is that SDK versions are easy to update – but publishers have access to support from our technical teams, if they need it.

Make These Moves to Maximize Ad Revenue

Maximizing publisher revenue is like a game of Tetris. They must be strategic and smart with each block making up their ad stack in order to reach their full monetization potential.

That’s why they should focus on format visibility, placement, promotions, and user empowerment to boost long-term engagement, ARPDAUs, and continuous incremental revenues.

This is what will guarantee success and sustainability in the competitive app market. 

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