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How to Maximize Revenue in 5 Steps with Playtime

As an app publisher, knowing how to maximize revenue in the current financial climate is about being highly strategic with and committed to what you have at your disposal.

Navigating the choppy waters of adtech when everyone is also umming and ahhing about the possibility of recession is putting pressure on more and more publishers to seek diverse and effective monetization strategies to maximize ad revenue – and, especially, without risking any revenue loss.

But what if you have a proven rewarded ad unit such as Playtime at your disposal? Be highly strategic and unlock greater incremental revenue for your app by following these five nonnegotiable steps.

1. Make Playtime Visible

The answer to maximizing publisher revenue? Promote Playtime where its users are.

Placements found on the home screen and in the in-app store are by far among the most effective. Users intuitively go to these pages when seeking additional resources in an app. By showing placements in high-traffic areas, publishers are able to increase the exposure of the format, leading to a higher percentage of users opening Playtime. This translates to more than 30 percent of revenue coming from such placements.

2. Show Playtime at the Right Time

You know it; we all know it. It’s all about the right place at the right time.

In addition to a static home screen or in-store placement, publishers who really understand how to maximize revenue make the mobile ad format Playtime available when it’s needed most. That is, when their users are between levels or especially in need of in-app currency to proceed in the game or unlock certain features. This is an incredibly powerful tool. 

Optimizing when you promote Playtime at various stages of the user’s journey can help

  • engage users who need more currency
  • give users more opportunities to earn
  • drive higher overall incremental revenue
  • increase ARPDAU

This is due to the fact that some players are more receptive to the format at different stages of their gameplay. For example, we’ve seen that some users prefer to engage with Playtime exclusively when they are running low on currency. Other users engage with the ad format when they view the home page placement.

3. Up Your Opt-In Rates

Spread the word; share the value of Playtime.

Playtime’s user opt-in is GDPR- and CCPA-compliant. This ensures users can really enjoy both a secure rewarded experience and personalized gaming offers. So, it’s all about upping your opt-in rates and really making the value of the format crystal clear to users. All publishers need to do is add an optional landing page that educates users about the value of sharing their data and why enabling app usage tracking for continuous time-based rewards is a no-brainer for them.

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Users who clearly understand how their data can help publishers and elevate their own in-app experience naturally drive higher opt-in rates and maximize ad revenue for publishers. More users thus successfully receive the engaging Playtime experience in its entirety.

4. Give Your Users the Power of Choice

IAPs aren’t for everyone. Empowering even your nonpaying users to have some say in which ads and offers they receive in your app allows you to cash in for every single user.

Not just the small percentage who spend hard money in the app. Knowing how to maximize revenue sustainably and successfully means knowing that a hybrid monetization stack is nonnegotiable. Rewarded ads help directly boost IAP revenue – especially, in apps that previously relied exclusively on IAP monetization. This is likely due to the fact that, by integrating these ad formats, users are given a taste of what it feels like to be a paying user. But instead of paying in hard currency, they’ve chosen to pay in engagement.

5. Push Promotions for Incremental Growth

You have the perfect placement. Your users are well and truly hooked. Now it’s time to ramp up your opportunities to maximize ad revenue.

That’s where promotions during select time periods come in. Double-rewards weekends and spotlight promotions have been proven to increase activity in publishers’ apps, as users are able to rapidly earn rewards through Playtime. These periods are usually at peak traffic times of the year.

This gives users a chance to progress faster or purchase more items during the promotional time period. In the meantime, publishers with a top placement thanks to these promotions benefit from:

  • higher revenue
  • new users to monetize
  • better rankings in the Google Play Store
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By sending users notifications to remind them of such reward promotions, publishers are able to substantially increase engagement as well as the number of new users opening Playtime. This drives long-term growth. Combining promotion and notification has led to an increase of two to three times greater revenue for publishers during these promotional periods.

Make Moves to Maximize Ad Revenue

Maximizing ad revenue with your ad stack is like a game of Tetris. If you don’t stack those strategic blocks just right, you’ll end up putting yourself under a lot of unnecessary pressure. 

Avoid this pressure by making sure your ad revenue is reaching its full potential. Benefit from the unique monetization power of Playtime by focusing on visibility, placement, promotions, and user empowerment.

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