Macadam Celebrates 30% ARPDAU Increase

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Macadam – Walk & Earn
increase in eCPMs
boost in revenue
lift in ARPDAU

Macadam was founded by three entrepreneurs with the aim of combatting sedentary lifestyles. Since its launch in October 2022, its mission has been to inspire movement and connection, aiming to transform inactive lives into more energized ones. 

Born from the founders’ personal experiences with long screen time, Macadam encourages people to replace motorized transportation with walking. This benefits both health and the environment.

The company is a dynamic force supporting a healthier, more active world where physical activity and sustainability go hand in hand, fostering connections and a brighter future.


The primary goal of its app Macadam – Walk & Earn was to reward users while providing them with a very simple and straightforward walking experience. Diversifying revenue sources, however, posed a challenging dilemma. 

The founders needed to craft a strategy to generate revenue without adding complexity to the app and without compromising user satisfaction.

The solution had to strike a balance by exploring innovative ways to monetize while maintaining the user-friendly nature of the app. The question remained: How could they find effective ways to monetize?

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With a thoughtful approach that prioritizes user experience, Macadam’s team conducted thorough research in the market to look for the appropriate solution for its app.

With it, they aimed to increase user engagement and elevate lifetime value. adjoe’s Playtime and its rewarding model was the most innovative and intelligent option they discovered.


One of the most prominent impacts of integrating Playtime was the app’s significant boost in user engagement – particularly in Europe.

This surge in engagement directly contributed to achieving 30% higher ARPDAU. Playtime’s introduction enabled users to accelerate their accumulation of rewards. This facilitated quicker payouts, promoting healthy walking habits, and generating income simultaneously. 

Integrating gamified elements, such as challenges and achievements, through Playtime encouraged users to spend more time inside the app and interact with its features and content. This gave Macadam’s users a more enjoyable and interactive experience, further increasing user satisfaction and the app’s appeal.

The company otherwise saw a 15% increase in eCPMs and 20% increase in revenue on top of its existing revenue after integrating Playtime.

The surge in engagement directly contributed to a 30% ARPDAU boost.
Looking Forward

Macadam aims to be the app of choice for anyone who embraces a healthy, active lifestyle and wants to benefit financially from their daily routine.

The company is eager to build lasting partnerships with adjoe and reach new heights together on both Android and iOS platforms. It believes that there are exciting opportunities ahead for this close collaboration, and the best is yet to come.

“Playtime seamlessly enhanced our app’s user experience, making it more enjoyable and interactive. Our partnership with adjoe is all about leveraging this user-centric approach to increase user LTVs and engagement.”
Louis Roblin
Cofounder and COO

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