Everything You Need to Know About: adjoe User Opt-In

The mobile day of reckoning seems to have come as app publishers finally go from speculators to observers of the first post IDFA results. With the industry focused on understanding the user privacy relationship, publishers mixed ATT opt-in results create an even more confusing landscape. However, navigating the user opt-in doesn’t have to be so challenging for all in-app experiences.

At adjoe we have been pioneers of the user opt-in model since our inception, as adjoe’s time-based rewarded ad unit Playtime requires users to opt-in for a personalized reward experience. Our 5+ years of opt-in experience have given adjoe insights into how apps and their users from a spectrum of app verticals perform when presented with a personalization opt-in.

Why is the adjoe opt-in necessary and what value does it add?

adjoe’s Playtime requires a two-step opt-in which is launched as soon as users open the Playtime ad unit.

The first step of opt-in is the terms of service acceptance. Once a user grants adjoe permission into their personal data, adjoe is able to predict their age, gender, and mobile interests. This allows adjoe to serve the user the most relevant ads.

The second step is the app usage tracking permission. This permission allows adjoe to track a user’s time spent in the advertisers app, which is then used to grant the user time-based rewards.

The adjoe opt-in not only adds an improved ad experience but ensures that all global legislative privacy measures including GDPR and CCPA are met. Playtime also eases the process of data protection as adjoe controls the data collected by the opt-in, making it so publishers have one less thing to worry about.

Advanced Personalization:

Following the acceptance of the terms of service, adjoe is able to predict a user’s age, gender, and mobile interests.

This permission allows apps without access to personalized data a way to effectively engage users with suitable ads. Giving publishers the foundation to earn the highest eCPMs and their users a better experience as they are presented with the ads most interesting to them at a premium price.

adjoe’s focus on personalization comes from the user demand for a better mobile experience. By showing users the apps that they are more likely to enjoy, it increases the likelihood of engagement and creates a more effective monetization landscape. From the user perspective, over 50% of users expect to see ads relevant to them. For publishers who don’t provide users with a personalized experience, they may even see up to 83% less engagement with the ads, resulting in a significantly smaller ad monetization revenue stream.

Therefore, the key to adjoe’s positive user experience comes directly from the relationship that Playtime builds with the users engaging with it.

Rewarding Mechanism:

The second element behind adjoe’s user opt-in comes from creating a secure and reliable reward experience and the value of instant gratification. Playtime continuously rewards users in the publisher’s in-app currency for their time spent playing games. The usage opt-in is required in order to track the user’s time spent and then securely reward them again and again.

What makes Playtime stand out is that it creates an environment of instant gratification, since users are awarded upon their first minute of gameplay as opposed to waiting until they reach a certain achievement level. Apps using instant gratification as a form of engagement are more likely to create stickiness that results in faster long-term growth in their user base.

The Playtime model effectively creates an engagement loop between the publisher and the advertiser’s app. On average Playtime, users reach between 5–20 reward milestones per game per week. This results in the users returning to the publisher’s app to collect their rewards again and again.

In addition to creating a more fulfilling experience, the usage opt-in allows adjoe to ensure a stable reward process. The positive user reception towards adjoe’s usage opt-in comes from the fact that 90% of users are willing to share personal behavioral data in exchange for an easier experience. And usage tracking does just that.

The usage opt-in gives adjoe visibility into the user’s time spent playing the advertiser’s apps. This allows adjoe the ability to guarantee that users are given every reward earned as opposed to relying on advertiser postbacks, which can create many support issues for publishers.

The Results

By giving users an experience in which they enjoy and can count on for continuous rewards, adjoe has been able to double publishers’ mobile revenues as well as increase the engagement within their app. Learn more about how Playtime helps scale your revenue and improve your users’ mobile experience.

Success Stories:

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