PlayToWin Mobile Celebrates 52% Uplift in Ad Revenue

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PlayToWin Mobile
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Dallas-based publisher PlayToWin Mobile was founded back in 2011. After working very closely with lottery players for several years, the publisher wanted to gain insights into various gaming industries as well as user retention and engagement – with rewards-based models.

In late 2021, PlayToWin Mobile used its new extensive expertise in both gaming and rewards industries to launch its rewarded app Boints, which has seen rapid growth in a very short period of time. Boints users have already received over two million US dollars’ worth of rewards.


After finding that offerwalls occasionally deter users and lead to a negative user experience, PlayToWin Mobile strove to find an entirely different approach to rewarding its users.

The publisher wanted to simplify and enhance the reward-earning process – and focus on long-term user engagement to generate ad revenue.

Not only that, the US publisher also sought out a rewards model that would enable users to instantly earn rewards and thus instantly experience the true value of Boints after installing the app.


With traditional offerwalls, it might take users days to complete an action. That’s more than enough time for them to lose interest.

To convert new users quickly into earning users, PlayToWin Mobile needed a compelling solution that offered a premium and persuasive points-earning experience. If users were able to earn quickly, they’d be able to see the value of the app just as quickly.

Upon integrating Playtime into its app, PlayToWin Mobile would therefore establish a way for users to earn quickly and enjoy instant gratification. So, besides a high retention and engagement rate, the publisher would be able to generate revenue for every user making an install – not just the ones completing a certain action, like in offerwalls.

PlayToWin Mobile mockup of adjoe's Playtime
Mockup of Playtime in PlayToWin's app

Playtime became PlayToWin Mobile’s largest ad revenue stream and top monetization partner, representing 40% of its overall revenue. After implementing this ad unit, the publisher increased its ad revenue by 52%.

As the publisher expected, ARPDAU is now actually twice as high with Playtime compared with other offerwalls. PlayToWin Mobile also  found that its Boints users responded very well to Playtime.

A single Boints user that engages with Playtime typically earns twice as many rewards in comparison with nonengaged users. The publisher saw a 31% uplift in app opens, a 460% increase in the number of rewards given to users, and a 26% boost in daily active users.

This resulted in a retention rate that is 125% higher than other offerwalls. It’s therefore a no-brainer for the publisher to prioritize showing Playtime to their users first.

Users who engage with Playtime typically earn twice as many rewards
two phones on top of each other showing Boints app where app users earn points
Looking Forward

Currently, PlayToWin Mobile is active in the US and Canada, but it fully intends on launching its business into more Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries.

Projects in the pipeline include focusing on varied rewarded app experiences, improving in-app features involving teams and leaderboard elements, and creating a real community of users.

The publisher plans to continue using Playtime in these new GEOs and apps to drive their newly acquired users into the compelling Boints experience.

image of Eric Yoo at PlayToWin Mobile
“We experienced a significant increase in our revenue with the integration of Playtime. Our users enjoy earning rewards by playing games that appeal to them. They also continue playing our games with increased session durations. Playtime’s engagement loop between the publisher’s game and advertiser’s game really works!”
Eric Yoo – CEO at PlayToWin Mobile

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