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Playtime vs Offerwall Campaigns: Why You Can’t Compare Them

You can’t afford to judge a book by its cover. App developers can’t afford to judge an ad solution by its appearance. 

Offerwalls are an established way of acquiring mobile users, but most app marketers are wary of their limitations when it comes to performance and quality. Playtime was however developed and designed in response to these shortcomings. This is why you can’t assume adjoe’s rewarded ad format is the same as any other offerwall. 

Different interface, different user experience, different rewarded logic, different results: Why is Playtime able to deliver what offerwall campaigns can’t?

Do Offerwalls Work?

Offerwall campaigns are user-initiated and don’t disrupt users while they earn their in-app currency. Publishers and advertisers however know that offerwalls have their limitations for the following reason:

  • Lower engagement and retention: Users tend to find offerwall campaigns less relevant and personalized. 
  • Lower visibility, higher user churn: Users are often overwhelmed by the volume of offerwall tasks, and advertisers often struggle to stand out among an extensive list of offers. This can result in users churning before completing an offer.
  • Questionable quality of ads: Offerwalls allow all kinds of apps to advertise in them. Users may therefore associate an app with spammy or low-quality offers, leading to a loss of trust and brand safety.
  • Lower conversion rate, ROAS, and ad revenue: Each offer has limited space for creatives, which discourages users from being able to find out more about the advertised app – without first heading to an app store. This decreases conversion rate for advertisers and publishers and restricts publishers from maximizing revenues for their ad space.
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What Makes Playtime So Powerful?

“The biggest difference we see between Playtime and offerwalls is the rate at which new users complete an offer. Playtime helps us quickly convert a user into an earning user. If we lose a user, a user we invested in, it turns into lost revenue and a wasted cost for us. With Playtime, we see much less user drop-off and it supports our profitability.

Eric Yoo, CEO PlayToWin

Playtime was launched for external publishers in 2018, and it’s constantly evolving to meet both publisher and advertiser needs. The rewarded ad format may visually resemble an offerwall initially, but publishers and advertisers have long been using Playtime as an alternative or addition to offerwall solutions.

This is what makes Playtime powerful:

  • Higher conversion: This is because Playtime offers multiple types of rewards for different users – such as incremental time-based or lump-sum level-based rewards as they spend time interacting with advertised games.
  • Lower churn and higher app sessions: Users earn and enjoy rewards, as rewards are instantly and continuously reedemable. 
  • Better-quality users: Users must opt in to Playtime to earn rewards. This means users already demonstrate high intent and engagement before they engage with the format.
  • More accurate targeting: The opt-in process facilitates personalized, relevant offers based on age, gender, GEO, and a user’s interests. 
  • Better UX: Users trust Playtime, as it exclusively shows premium direct offers – of which 99 percent are from top mobile games.
  • Higher eCPMs: Playtime’s design can serve larger creatives with descriptions of the app to capture users’ attention and enhance conversion rates.
  • Fraud prevention: adjoe’s team implements new measures regularly to prevent malicious users from interacting with Playtime in the first place.
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Playtime is Different Because We Made It So

Don’t lump Playtime in with other offerwalls. Underestimating what Playtime can do could mean losing out on new potential engaged users and new revenues.

Playtime stands out because adjoe designed it to stand out. Playtime functions as a new UA channel and a new revenue stream for publishers and advertisers on top of what they currently have at their disposal. Without the common shortcomings of offerwall campaigns.

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