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Deconstructing Playtime: Introducing a New Wave of Rewarded Monetization

The Playtime ad unit is an effective tool for publishers to drive higher revenues and retention by leveraging the power of rewards to improve the user’s experience. 2020 has been the year of rewarded advertising with more publishers than ever switching from an exclusively IAP monetization model to a hybrid solution thanks to the power of rewarded advertising.

What makes rewarded advertising the ideal asset to complement your in-app economy is its ability to increase revenues as well as user satisfaction. According to the 2020 Mobile Advertising Report, 51% of users are playing mobile games longer due to the inclusion of ads. With the jury out on rewarded ads, let’s take a look at how time base rewarded ads introduce a new wave of monetization.

It’s Playtime

adjoe’s time-based rewarded ad unit allows users to collect the in-app currency of a publisher’s app for their time spent playing mobile games. How it works is, users in need of an app’s currency have the ability to opt-into the Playtime experience. The users engaging with Playtime ads are then presented with personalized gaming offers tailored to their user demographic and mobile interests.

After selecting a game to enjoy, users are then rewarded continuously for their time spent playing. As opposed to the rewarded formats that have preceded Playtime, which only provides users with a single reward value for the competition of one action.

The format’s ability to reward users continuously takes all parties into account and for every rewarded moment achieved the user is then sent a toast notification informing them of their earnings. Through the strategic use of notifications and continuous rewards, Playtime is able to build an engagement loop between the publishers’ and advertisers’ apps.

The Results

By taking a holistic approach to the mobile users’ experience, Playtime has been able to create the most beneficial climate for users, publishers, and advertisers. The engagement loop Playtime builds not only creates a significant new revenue stream for publishers but it results in an average of 5–20 reward milestones earned for a user for each game they install through the format. The user’s ability to continuously earn demonstrates the power of the format and its connection to all stakeholders.

  1. The user enjoys the personalized games they are presented with.
  2. The continuous gameplay results in a strong performance for advertisers and high payouts for the publishers.
  3. The users are returning to the publisher’s app again and again to collect the rewards they are earning driving high publisher retention.

These characteristics have allowed Playtime to scale publisher’s revenues and extend their users’ experience. Learn more about how the Playtime integration has allowed publishers to more than double their mobile revenue.

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