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Integrate New Ad Formats without Revenue Cannibalization

Introducing new mobile ad formats to your app means justifying new integrations to your tech teams and stakeholders. It means worrying about cannibalizing your existing revenue. 

Stagnating revenue, however, is the other problem your team faces. Your app needs new revenue streams – new ways to engage users – to give you the momentum and edge you need to outperform your competitors. 

New ad formats must therefore promise incremental ad revenue and engagement – without negatively impacting current revenue sources. That’s where publishers looking for a new ad monetization partner have looked to Playtime.

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Playtime Can’t Compete with Other Ad Formats

Playtime can’t compete with other ad formats – especially other rewarded ad formats. Because it doesn’t need to.

That’s not just because of its uniqueness in the market – the mobile ad unit has its own network that connects top advertiser games and their dedicated budgets with publishers and works its magic outside traditional mediation. 

Playtime doesn’t compete with other revenue streams; It promises ad revenue diversity, and publishers celebrate it as an added bonus on top of their existing revenue streams. Publishers who have integrated Playtime into their app have enjoyed revenue uplifts of up to 70 percent.

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Even publishers who have largely relied on IAP revenue over the last few years have seen that adding ads to their existing monetization model boosts their app’s overall revenue and lifetime value – without seeing a drop in IAP revenue.

IAPs are still the easiest way to earn currency, but a large chunk of users will never make these purchases. 

By showing these hesitant nonpaying users the premium in-app experience with Playtime, they are more compelled to make that future purchase – to keep enjoying the premium experience. 

In other words, publishers who integrate Playtime monetize nonpaying users and crucially also convert some nonpaying users to paying users.

An Effective Add-On Revenue Stream

Playtime produces highly loyal and engaged app users. Publishers see up to 30-percent higher ARPDAUs and 10-percent higher eCPMs after integrating the ad unit into their app.  

How? Playtime outperforms other new ad formats by giving app users a new and easy, creative and compelling rewarded experience in their favorite apps. Publishers can reach committed audiences that are likely to convert into their app’s daily active users.

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The ad format connects publishers with premium gaming advertisers across the globe, whose games make it easy to drive higher user interaction and engagement. Publishers can maximize their revenue more easily, since they have direct access to the dedicated competitive advertiser budgets that drive remarkable incremental ad revenue.

This access to top gaming advertisers also significantly boosts user experience. Users earn easily accessible rewards for engaging with the games they install – for their time spent and events completed – which drives longer and more frequent app usage. This is why advertisers dedicate their budgets to Playtime.

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Avoid Revenue Cannibalization with Playtime

The goal for monetization managers is to maximize their app’s revenue – but this is only possible by achieving ad revenue diversity and a healthy in-app economy. Not all new ad formats in the market will offer incremental ad revenue – or such high eCPMs. 

Our global partners have seen that Playtime is an antidote for both revenue cannibalization and stagnation – they’ve grown their revenue without eating into their existing revenue sources. They’ve also become less reliant on their existing revenue streams.

They’ve discovered on top of that that Playtime gives an app’s users greater opportunities to further boost their rewards and experience a premium app experience. These are the users that drive significant revenue and are an app’s strongest evangelist and most active user.

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