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How to Build Smart Engagement Programs to Monetize Your App

Episode #1 of the Mass Appeal Podcast

Mass Appeal podcast host Tommy Yannopoulos speaks with Alex Guerra, the Director and Head of Monetization at Baz, an app for payment and financial services, entertainment, e-commerce, and more.

After receiving his master’s from UCL in London, Alex worked at Uber for over four years, eventually becoming the Latin America Lead for Global Strategy. Now he directs pricing, market intelligence, and revenue growth strategies for Baz, Mexico’s first superapp.

What’s the Topic?

In this episode, you’ll learn about how economic incentive programs can drive app engagement in a profitable way – specifically:

  • how to use incentives, like referral programs and gamification, to drive engagement and retention
  • how to work with your data science team to build predictive marketing models with AI and machine learning to turn a profit

What to Listen Out for

  • 1:52 Intro to Alex Guerra
  • 4:52 What is monetization in the mobile app industry 
  • 7:45 Baz and superapps explained
  • 11:45 Identifying engagement strategies at a superapp
  • 14:02 Economic incentives to increase engagement and retention
  • 19:38 Building machine learning models for predictive analytics and marketing
  • 22:40 Working with your data science team to build AI models
  • 26:47 Giving your AI modeling experiments time 
  • 27:53 Incentives for customers who have churned
  • 31:35 What Alex is excited about for Baz


“What speeds up engagement and also user acquisition or retention is giving a customer something to reward their action.”

– Alex Guerra, Director and Head of Monetization at Baz

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