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Telecom Loyalty: How to Lift Customer Retention with Mobile Games 

Connecting with and keeping telecom customers is no easy feat. 

Many telecom companies across the globe are trying to fight off the following:

  • High customer churn rates: more than 20 percent of customers switch providers in the US; 44 percent of European consumers are considering a switch.
  • Low retention: Needs change, and telco customers are keen to find the best deals, connection, and personalized features/solutions. If a company doesn’t adapt to these needs, it won’t retain its customers.
  • High market saturation: Customers are spoilt for choice, service offerings aren’t unique, and providers are all using the same strategies to fight for the same customers.

These providers are turning to their own telecom loyalty programs to look for the answer to these pain points. They approach it most of the time with the right intentions but the wrong strategy. Here’s why.

Customers Want Solutions with Immediate Savings

Perks come in packages from the likes of T-Mobile’s T-mobile Tuesdays and Vodafone’s VeryMe Rewards program. These telecom loyalty programs are a good starting point for customers who want to “get free stuff and exclusive perks on food, gas, entertainment, and more.” 

But what about giving consumers the chance to save on their actual phone bill?

Because as many loyalty program providers already know, rewards do not automatically lead to long-term loyalty. Giving your users the rewards they want, however, does. And in times where the cost of living and inflation is so high, customers want to save money wherever they can.

This is where gamified loyalty solutions enter the picture. Telecom apps integrating these solutions instantly win something most of their competitors in the telecom industry don’t yet have. A way to elevate user experience, engagement, and user savings in a highly compelling way. A way that encourages more repeat business and lower churn rates

abstract phone screen showing how gamified solutions work in telco loyalty programs

It’s more than just adding game-like elements to telecom loyalty programs. Two billion mobile gamers worldwide spend more than an hour per day in gameplay. Mobile games are more than entertainment – they’re arguably a lifestyle. That’s why telecom providers must identify innovative ways to integrate gamification into their current apps and offerings.

How Does adjoe Arcade Offer Rewards?

adjoe Arcade maximizes customer retention by connecting telecom loyalty programs and the mobile gaming sphere.

Telecom companies can unlock a world of superior engagement with their brand by integrating adjoe Arcade into their current loyalty programs and apps:

  • Users receive relevant, attractive gaming offers for games they are most likely to engage with
  • They engage with these top gaming titles from quality gaming studios across the globe
  • They earn rewards based on the time they spend in the app and the levels they complete
  • They redeem these rewards and enjoy lower bills, discounted services, or upgraded services

The solution promises personalization to drive greater customer loyalty and trust. This is why diverse verticals, including various telcos, brand loyalty programs, and payment platforms, are using Arcade to engage their users through the world of mobile gaming in the most seamless and attractive way possible.

decorative banner stating that Arcade users are more likely to redeem rewards

Take Play2Pay, for example. The alternative telecom payment platform harnesses the power of gaming through adjoe Arcade. The US-based telecom company has been helping its users lower their bills while enjoying their favorite mobile games

By integrating the rewarded ad unit, Play2Pay witnessed a surge in user engagement and its ARPU metrics. Its winning strategy was to educate its users about the simplicity of the process:

  • play games
  • earn points
  • enjoy lower bills

Arcade users were not only more engaged but also three times more likely to redeem rewards to reduce their mobile bills.

adjoe Arcade adds fun to telecom loyalty programs and gives companies complete flexibility in how they want to reward users. Users can receive free services or collect free data packs through treasure hunts. Reward-seeking behavior, competitive tendencies, and fear of missing out all contribute to adjoe Arcade’s success in maximizing engagement and retention.

“adjoe Arcade is like morning coffee for our customers – especially the first-time users. It quickly energizes them with the thrill of earning rewards and simultaneously reduces their mobile bills – all by playing games. It’s the perfect start to their day, leading the users from the joy of Arcade to a truly rewarding day for all involved.”

Sean Eyen, Head of Revenue & Monetization at Play2Pay

Retention Is about Rewards That Matter

Loyalty to your telecom brand is not a given. You have to fight to earn it. 

Brands in the this space must diversify their rewards programs and enrich them with new ideas – such as mobile games – to remain competitive.

Only when a telecom company is confident it offers a rounded package of perks can it be confident it can retain its customers. These perks should prioritize what customers care most about – from entertainment to food and drink vouchers – but crucially also saving money on their bill. 

Because the key to keeping customers isn’t just about offering services; it’s about creating in-app experiences that show their needs are understood and appreciated.

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