Play2Pay Users Reduce Their Phone Bills Using adjoe Arcade

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of Play2Pay users have earned rewards from adjoe Arcade
YTD increase in Playtime engagement
higher probability of redeeming rewards & reducing phone bills

The mission of alternative payments platform Play2Pay is to revolutionize the mobile payment industry by offering its users a gamified solution to reduce their mobile bills.

Play2Pay has helped its users pay over USD 10 million in mobile bills by playing games, completing offers, and answering surveys. Users can simply redeem their rewards via their Ad It Up app, and the user’s mobile bill is automatically reduced.


To solidify its leading position in the mobile payment industry, Play2Pay wanted to expand its ads-based reward program.

With its expansive acquisition model, the US-based publisher needed an effective solution for its first-time users to make the most of the app Ad It Up. Play2Pay knew that it had to simplify the user journey with higher-paying engaging rewards to increase conversion and retention for first-time users. 

It was at this point that the publisher started considering more diverse offerings in its app instead of a strictly ad-based low-paying reward experience. The answer was to harness the power of mobile gaming.

The team’s ultimate goal was to help more users lower their bills by integrating a gaming experience that offered more lucrative and attractive rewards.

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For Play2Pay, adjoe Arcade and its unique gamified rewarded experience enabled the app’s users to enjoy top gaming titles while simultaneously reducing their service bills. User engagement with adjoe Arcade is amplified due to its ability to rapidly and continuously generate these attractive in-app rewards. 

Educating users about how to leverage adjoe Arcade to save money on their mobile bills was simple for first-time users: Play games, earn points easily and instantly, and enjoy lower bills.

Certain Play2Pay users were also able to make the most of combination offers incorporating adjoe Arcade and other rewards – such as survey-based rewards.

This strategy aimed to inspire even greater engagement and an initial sense of accomplishment in the app to drive app users to pursue more challenging rewards.


After working with the adjoe Arcade solution, Play2Pay witnessed substantial growth in its new user engagement and ARPDAU metrics.

A total of 80% of all Play2Pay’s users now engage with the ad unit and enjoy its instant rewards. With combined marketing efforts, adjoe Arcade engagement has increased by 40% YTD for Play2Pay users.

And – most importantly – adjoe Arcade users are 3× more likely to redeem rewards to reduce their mobile bill through adjoe Arcade’s fun, simple, and instantaneous rewards loop. 

Due to its powerful user engagement mechanism, adjoe became a leading monetization partner for Play2Pay in a very short period of time and achieved a stable and growing revenue stream since its launch in 2021.

80% of all Play2Pay’s users now engage with adjoe Arcade and enjoy its instant rewards
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Looking Forward

The company has recently launched enhancements to its product by introducing a feed-based app home page. Users now see adjoe Arcade as a “Top Market” featured product to ensure users will be able to quickly find their way to the easiest and most attractive rewards.

Play2Pay also has several other product enhancements in its roadmap to make the user journey more compelling and fun. Play2Pay continues to look for growth opportunities in leading mobile payments solutions as well as new partnerships in the mobile payment industry.

The publisher plans to continue working closely with adjoe, particularly as it expands its product offering into new markets, partnerships, and industries.

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“adjoe Arcade is like morning coffee for our customers – especially the first-time users. It quickly energizes them with the thrill of earning rewards and simultaneously reduces their mobile bills – all by playing games. It’s the perfect start to their day, leading the users from the joy of adjoe Arcade to a truly rewarding day for all involved.”
Sean Eyen
Head of Revenue & Monetization, Play2Pay

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