Homa Launches 30 Games to Hit Growth Goals

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Mobile games publisher Homa was founded back in 2018. The company has since then published 80 games on both iOS and Android platforms, which have attracted an impressive 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. Its top titles include Merge Master, Aquarium Land, and Agent Hunt. 

The company now employs over 220 people to develop its games in a methodical, data-driven manner. Homa is a gaming technology lab that gives game creators the data-driven tools and human expertise needed to turn their creative ideas into commercial hits.


UA Team Lead at Homa Mathieu Vergnaud believes that user acquisition is straightforward, but you have to know the right tricks of the trade to achieve low CPIs

His team wanted to test new networks, as they had doubts before launching that they could push at scale with positive ROAS. Mathieu’s goal was to avoid acquiring low-quality users while driving down his install costs. He instead wanted to find a way to bid smart, save his margins, and increase user quality at the same time.

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That’s when Homa’s UA team found adjoe’s unique gamer-oriented ad inventory and rewarded ad model Playtime. Playtime offers diverse campaign types – besides typically driving higher ROAS with its engagement mechanics.

The unit would allow the Homa team to reach users more effectively through precise demographic targeting. This meant that the team would be able to bid accurately for each audience segment. They would also have access to an experienced adjoe account manager with the expert knowledge needed to maximize results and reduce the team’s workload.


Growth would be impossible if Homa didn’t meet its ROAS goals. D7 ROAS is now up to 130%, after experiencing less than 10% fluctuation during the scaling phase.

Homa was so impressed with the results and stability after launching the first biggest game Attack Hole in the US and Germany that 3 months into its partnership with adjoe, it launched 30 (out of 40) games. Homa has since then launched all of its 40 titles on Playtime. Its installs from adjoe also grew exponentially by 68× on Android from Day 1 to Day 90.

This allowed the team to invest in opening further campaigns in new regions and keep expanding. The games publisher is currently live with its whole portfolio across every GEO.

D7 ROAS is now up to 130%, with <10% fluctuation during the scaling phase.
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Looking Forward

To grow its partnership with adjoe further, Homa plans to launch  more campaigns on iOS inventory and test multi-event-based campaigns with adjoe. 

The company will be expanding its games portfolio with more classic casual games and adding meta-elements to ensure its hit hypercasual games reach higher engagement and LTVs. 

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“The diversity of campaign types at adjoe allows us to reach our audience at scale and meet our KPIs while the support of our dedicated account manager and how the collaboration is structured makes it much easier to manage and navigate.”
Mathieu Vergnaud
UA Team Lead, Homa

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