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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv-based mobile game developer Candivore was founded in 2017 and is celebrated for its success with its groundbreaking title Match Masters.

The game became a global hit after it transformed the popular match-3 game into a brand-new experience by incorporating a highly engaging multiplayer element into its gameplay. Today, the hit title has generated an impressive 30 million downloads worldwide.


It was a challenge for Candivore’s UA team to find the right balance between scaling up its user base and ensuring high performance. Especially, during tough economic times. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic and global conflicts, user behaviors changed unpredictably: Users were returning to gameplay less often and engaging in shorter sessions.

Spending on in-app purchases dropped, and quality users became a nonnegotiable priority for Candivore and many of its competitors in the market. Needless to say, Candivore needed new strategies to maintain stable traffic from these quality users. 

To keep up with its constantly evolving audience, the company needed to turn to better targeting and continuous campaign optimizations. With the rising costs of user acquisition, it was also critical for Candivore to fine-tune its UA funnel to pin-point where potential users were churning, prevent this from happening, and maximize return on investment.

This called for the company to delve deeper into the latest market trends and adapt its UA strategy accordingly – and quickly.

big phone screen showing how users earn points for playing games
big phone screen demonstrating how users gain points the more time they spend playing Candivore's games

Candivore teamed up with adjoe for a meticulous hands-on UA approach and launched various campaigns with Playtime – a time- and event-based rewarded ad unit.

One of the key strategies the teams worked on together was segmenting the Playtime audience as much as possible. This was based on mobile interest, demographics, and GEO.

Candivore was then able to optimize each segment individually and maximize the strengths of diverse audience groups and capitalize on these adjustments.

With this systematic approach and comprehensive analysis of user behavior, the team enjoyed a much more stable and sustainable performance. They found that each audience segment was able to contribute directly to Match Master’s success.


Within just a few months, Candivore witnessed not just the highly promising scalability of adjoe’s extensive network but also Playtime users’ quick progress in the title. With adjoe, Carnivore surpassed its goal of ROAS Day 7 by 20% and exceeded its LTV expectations by 50%.

adjoe’s unique ad unit was able to attract a steady stream of engaged players who were committed to Match Masters and kept coming back for more.

As a result, adjoe has emerged as one of Candivore’s best channels for user growth in the most strategic markets – the US and Germany. Today Candivore achieves over 100K installs with adjoe on a monthly basis.

adjoe has emerged as one of Candivore’s best channels for user growth in the most strategic markets.
Looking Forward

Match Masters has built a colossal community of over 5 million monthly active users playing over 10 million matches per day.

Candivore believes that GEO-specific strategies and major ad campaigns across TV and digital platforms, as well as numerous offline events, have worked wonders for its community.

In addition to the company’s commitment to add more in-game features to its players, it’s planning its next big ad campaigns in new GEOs as well as in the US market. These will feature some surprise celebrities.

The team believes that the mobile gaming landscape will continue to be incredibly competitive and in constant evolution. But Candivore will work together with adjoe to make Match Masters even more compelling and exciting for its millions of users.

Pini Ashkenazi from Candivore looking and smiling into the camera
“Right from the beginning, it was quite noticeable in terms of retention and ROAS that adjoe is different from other ad networks. With adjoe, we see a much more stable user stream and predictable user behavior.”
Pini Ashkenazi
Marketing Director at Candivore

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