Green Panda Games Reaches New Audience with Advance

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Green Panda Games
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First established in 2013, Green Panda Games has swiftly grown since 2017 to become a leading game developer.

The company has more recently joined global gaming giant, Ubisoft, as a member of its group. Today, Green Panda Games has published over 30 titles and sees over 250 million DAUs across its portfolio of apps.


After seeing some of its old hypercasual titles begin to stagnate, Green Panda Games sought to find new solutions to drive further growth for its legacy titles.

With a competitive landscape and threats of gaming saturation, Thomas Létoublon looked to adjoe’s new exclusive network for hypercasual games to continue the growth of its top titles including Sushi Bar, Bee Factory, and Car Wash, along with many others.


adjoe Advance is an exclusive network for hypercasual games that was designed to connect studios with highly engaged users.

Users are rewarded in the in-app currency of the publisher’s app for every level a user completes in the hypercasual game. By continuously rewarding the user for their gameplay, Advance is able to drive extended session times and higher ARPUs for hypercasual games.

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By running campaigns with Advance, Green Panda Games has been able to successfully scale its new and legacy titles.

As a result of growth in Advance’s network, the games developer was able to increase its UA spend on adjoe by over 1,000% in one month.

This is because the game developer could extend the gameplay of users with a long-term LTV 15 to 20% higher than with other channels.

Thomas Létoublon credits this to the fact that “adjoe has a better evolution than other partners; you start from a good quality, and the user can play as much as they want to earn currency. It’s more user-friendly because players always get rewards compared with other channels. It’s like a win–win.”

Due to this strong performance, the games developer doubled the number of titles it ran on the platform in August.

Green Panda increased its UA spend on adjoe by over 1,000% in June
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Looking Forward

As Green Panda Games continues to grow, it will take a strategic focus on developing more and more casual games – in addition to its commitment to the hypercasual market.

adjoe will support the user acquisition efforts of over 15 Green Panda Games titles and will continue to work together strategically to achieve the game developer’s growth goals.

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