Dragon Plus Expands UA Efforts in 30 New Countries

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Founded in 2018, DragonPlus’ goal is to become one of the leading companies in the field of mobile entertainment and digitalization.

Over the past three years, it has grown to be among China’s fastest-growing publishers with 100 million global users. Dragon Plus has established its presence in the industry by publishing over 30 games focusing on the casual and hypercasual game verticals.


To continue its plans of global expansion, Dragon Plus sought to explore new markets for its puzzle title Makeover Master.

Given the complexity of identifying and launching in new GEOs, the game developer relies on adjoe’s Playtime ad unit to successfully test new regions and grow its user base globally.


A trusted channel is essential for Dragon Plus when creating a growth strategy for Makeover Master. adjoe’s historically strong performance and scale made it the ideal growth solution.

This global scale can be attributed to adjoe’s extensive network, which allows advertisers to reach their core markets and beyond through the Playtime ad unit.

In addition to this reach, Playtime’s time-based and event-based reward structure keeps users engaged for the long term by rewarding them continuously for their gameplay.

Dragon Plus has been able to expand its UA efforts into nearly 30 new countries
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By working with adjoe, Dragon Plus has been able to develop a global growth strategy for Makeover Master and has expanded its UA efforts into nearly 30 new countries. Its core acquisition strategy moved from focusing exclusively on the US to launching in new key GEOs: GB, FR, CA, and DE.

This growth has positioned adjoe as one of Dragon Plus’ top user acquisition channels and has even increased the spend for Makeover Master by 400% in July and another 300% in August.

The company not only achieved but surpassed its ROAS and retention targets for Makeover Master. Dragon Plus was able to acquire users with retention rates 5 to 10% higher than other channels, thanks to Playtime’s continuous engagement mechanic.

Dragon Plus found that Playtime’s rewards structure has been “an effective tool when acquiring new users because it helps drive users further into our games by getting more rewards for every minute they spend playing.”

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Looking Forward

Dragon Plus plans to continue its evolution into becoming one of Asia’s leading global game developers with many new exciting projects on the way.

The game developer is continuing to strengthen its partnership with adjoe month over month by entering new GEOs and increasing the number of titles running on the adjoe platform.

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“adjoe helps us to expand our marketing strategy beyond our core market and focus on acquiring users in the new market such as CA, AU, FR, DE and many other countries. adjoe has become an important channel for us at present. We think adjoe will become one of the top acquisition channels for our games in the future.”
Dragon Plus

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