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Mass Appeal Podcast: Insights from Adtech Leaders

Meet Tommy Yannopoulos, adjoe’s VP of Revenue for the Americas. His focus after working in the adtech space for over a decade is on providing solutions to help app performance marketers grow across programmatic-, network-, and rewards-based solutions in the Americas.

Tommy has just wrapped up the first episode of adjoe’s brand-new Mass Appeal podcast. Listen to him dive deep into discussions with leaders in mobile advertising. Tune in to discover how these leaders monetize and market apps to appeal to the masses.

Tell us more about the aim of the Mass Appeal Podcast.

Whether they listen for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, our audience should listen to this adtech podcast and discover something that they didn’t know before, or something that helps them in their day to day – or something that’s just entertaining to them. 

Most businesses in adtech focus on acquisition or monetization – or some on both. adjoe sits in a highly valuable position in this adtech space because we focus on both. We deal with both marketers and monetization managers on a day-to-day basis. But on top of that, because our monetization solution is focused on rewards, we, as a result, also work closely with retention managers and loyalty managers for big brands.

The aim of the Mass Appeal podcast is to talk to people who manage all of those different aspects of an app. That’s why we decided to make this podcast. We want to expose how all of those different components of building an app play into one another. 

“We decided to make the Mass Appeal podcast to expose how all of those different components of building an app play into one another.”

Who are you hoping to speak to?

What we want to do here with this podcast is we want to talk to individuals in the mobile industry – whether they’re in growth marketing or they work in a monetization capacity, a brand capacity, or a loyalty capacity. Those are the kinds of core areas we’ll focus on, and we want to talk to people in the space who have seen success within those realms.

What do you hope listeners will learn from your conversations? 

Things in this space are changing quickly and frequently – so, I hope listeners learn something new from this adtech podcast. Even if you take away one tiny thing, then it was worth your time because it’s very hard, in my opinion, in this space to hear things you haven’t already.

I hope our listeners learn about monetization. I hope they learn how to effectively leverage rewarded economies within their apps to drive loyalty. I’d like them to learn about acquisition and how programmatic, social, sponsored, and rewarded content play into each other.

“I hope they learn about acquisition and how programmatic, social, sponsored, and rewarded content play into each other.”

I want to discover more about how various app components play into each other. How does your growth strategy impact your loyalty strategy? To what extent does your monetization strategy impact your loyalty strategy? How does loyalty impact monetization? 

All these aspects of an app – and a brand (speaking more broadly) – are intertwined in some capacity. Uncovering how people think about the intersection of these characteristics of an app will be interesting.

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to and why?

I do listen to the Remerge Apptivate podcast from time to time just because I was part of it for so long. I think the team there has done a wonderful job with that podcast.

In terms of non-industry-specific podcasts, I love The Ringer – that’s a business that Bill Simmons made. He’s a sports and entertainment podcaster. I think – like Mass Appeal aims to be a podcast that sits at the intersection of multiple studies – you could say, I think, The Ringer’s done a good job with that as well. 

Outside of this, I love The Daily by The New York Times. I think it’s an exceptional podcast – especially because they release an episode just about every day. I appreciate most things that NPR puts out. How I Built This with Guy Raz is also a really fun entrepreneurial podcast with some of the most interesting guests and stories you’ll ever find.

Listen to Tommy speaking to top industry experts from the mobile marketing and monetization space on the Mass Appeal podcast.

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