Add a new ad revenue source to your mobile app while drastically improving user experience.
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Reward users and yourself!

Our ad format Playtime allows users to earn your in app currency by installing and playing third-party games. Unlike a traditional offerwall or rewarded video, users are rewarded in your in-app currency actively using third-party games and apps.

For every minute users spend in other apps, they will earn rewards in your app.

Higher Ad Revenue

Higher Ad Revenue

Market-leading eCPMs

Our algorithms distribute ads following users interests and app usage (GDPR-compliant). Our personalized ads seamlessly convert impressions into in-app revenue.

Premium Demand Partnerships

Our ad format delivers premium users and high ROAS for our advertisers. That leads demand partners to pay high 3-digit eCPMs for your traffic.
Growing Retention

Growing Retention

Happy Users

Opposed to offerwalls and rewarded videos, users not only get currency once (for watching a video or reaching an in-app event), but are able to continuosly collect in-app currency by playing another game.


Playtime does not send your users away from your app, but instead reminds them to come back to your game!
Positive User Experience

Positive User Experience

User Initiated

Ads shouldn’t have to be intrusive. Playtime gives users ownership over their in-app ad experience and feels like a natural extension of your app.

No Change of User Flow

Playtime can be added to your app without changing userflow or the need to implement various new placements.
Effortless Management

Effortless Management

No Waterfall

Campaigns distributed by an eCPM-auction remove the burden of waterfall management.

User Level Ad Revenue

Our API provides you with user level ad revenue data, allowing you to optimize your UA activities based on real ROAS.


Small SDK

Our lightweight SDK has size 50KB to 300KB max.

Multi-Framework Support

Native, Unity, React Native, Cordova, etc. – we support all major platforms and can provide you with support for a seamless SDK integration.

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