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Why WAVE’s Built-In Free CMP Saves Publishers Time and Money

Google has, with its update in January 2024, sparked mass interest from publishers keen to integrate consent management platforms (CMPs) into their apps.

The problem is that almost all CMP integration in the market comes as an extra task for publishers. And at an extra cost. This is at a time when publishers must continue to think about how to maximize their revenues, protect their margins, observe privacy regulations, and outperform their competition.

Publishers – regardless of how significant or small their European user base is – win with WAVE Mediation’s free built-in CMP that’s certified by IAB and Google. Here’s why adjoe designed it to be a part of the product.

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Why We Offer a Free CMP with WAVE

A Google-certified CMP is important for our publishers with European users, so it’s important for us at adjoe.

These publishers can’t monetize these app users without being GDPR-compliant – without collecting consent from users in a way that adheres to IAB’s Transparency Compliance Framework (TCF).

It’s currently up to publishers to find a suitable CMP solution in the market and pay to integrate it. It’s then up to app developers to implement this CMP into their app’s code. 

But publishers avoid these extra integrations and costs with WAVE. The mediation platform promises publishers maximum revenue and maximum efficiency in the process. It made sense when we built the solution to integrate a free CMP so that our partners can monetize their European users in the most effective way. 

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For publishers who are currently assessing the effort of integrating a CMP based on:

  • where their users are
  • how much of their revenue is based on ad revenue from these users

WAVE makes an assessment of these resources redundant.

Publishers can also be assured that the bidding-only mediation platform’s built-in CMP securely handles all user data and then shares it with all ad networks plugged into WAVE Exchange. All the while, it remains compliant with the GDPR.

This Is a Product about Transparency 

adjoe wants transparency to become nonnegotiable in the current and future ad landscape. That’s why WAVE Mediation is designed, in every respect, to be transparent and fair for publishers and users. 

App users are still hesitant about accepting tracking permissions. That’s why our team designed WAVE’s built-in CMP screen to educate users more clearly about these permissions.

Publishers can customize and localize the message surfaced in this CMP, so that users can better understand why their data is being collected in the first place – and publishers in return can enjoy higher opt-in rates.

adjoe wants to build a mobile industry in which we see privacy regulations not as a limitation but as an opportunity to improve user experience and trust. This starts with transparent messaging, building the right technologies to facilitate this transparency for both apps and their users, and making these tools accessible to publishers who need them.

Because in the end:

  • publishers win by gaining their user’s trust, enhancing their app’s UX, and enhancing their revenue streams
  • users win by understanding the importance of their data and are empowered to give publishers their consent

Your CMP Made Easy

Many publishers are waiting for others to take the lead to figure out their own best practices and how to go live with a CMP solution.

But the longer they wait, the longer they put themselves at risk of not complying with privacy standards. The longer they say goodbye to revenue from their European users. And whether that makes up a small or significant portion of overall revenue, that’s revenue most publishers can’t afford to lose. 

Publishers monetizing their apps with WAVE don’t have to spend time, energy, or stress finding an extra Google-certified CMP to integrate somewhere among their current solutions. They can be confident that they are comply privacy regulations are complied with – or about missing out on ad revenue.

Save your team time and money