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Expert Series: Automating Campaign Management with Maksim Butrym

Maksim Butrym, adjoe’s Product Lead, is on a mission to make campaign management as seamless as possible for advertisers. After introducing automation into our campaign creation process for programmatic advertising last year, Maksim decided the next step would be to improve postlaunch management for video and banner campaigns.

What’s the story behind this automated solution?

Today, big advertisers are working with dozens of different advertising platforms, launching hundreds of campaigns on them simultaneously. These campaigns have different KPIs – that is, different ROAS and retention goals in different countries – and for different audiences. 

Manually creating, managing, and optimizing these campaigns with different dynamics across multiple platforms is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially, when you’re buying programmatically.

How have you changed this for the better?

We live in a world with over 190 countries, 6+ billion smartphones, and millions of apps to download from the Google Play Store alone. So, we want our advertisers and UA managers to have the tools they need to make important campaign optimizations quickly and efficiently instead of manually. This way, they can focus on the core campaign elements that matter the most – reach and quality. Without introducing the risk of human error.

Our solution was therefore to automate the process with our campaign management API for programmatic advertising. It’s a server-to-server solution that allows our partners to automate campaign parameters, targeting groups, or budget caps in a safe and efficient way when they promote their apps. 

With adjoe’s API, advertisers are able to adjust bids in an automated way for:

  • every campaign on a targeting group level
  • each targeting group on country level
  • each targeting group on a traffic source level

How will this API help UA managers?

I’ll give you what I consider the three most important ones: flexibility, efficiency, and performance.

The campaign management API now connects advertisers’ advanced ROAS or LTV prediction models directly with campaign efforts on the adjoe platform. This enables UA managers to enhance the outcomes of their optimizations. Our API provides them with the opportunity to incorporate LTV models directly into their media buying efforts. 

From a flexibility standpoint advertisers have the option, for each campaign, to set diverse bids – specifically, the cost per install – for each targeted group based on the country level. They can also take a more refined approach by setting different bids for each traffic source instead of manually setting bids for each individual traffic source. And if an advertiser notices that a particular traffic source isn’t delivering quality users, they can instantly block and exclude it from the campaign distribution. 

Finally, we move onto efficiency. Another noteworthy feature the API offers is multicountry bidding. This enables advertisers to include as many countries as they want for a specific target group and set bids for them in a straightforward manner. An advertiser no longer needs to create separate targeting groups for each country, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

If you’re one of our partners looking to automate your campaign management efforts and bring your team these benefits, all you need to do is implement our solution. We’ve included more information in our documentation

What’s next for this API? 

In general, we’re always looking for ways to add new capabilities to our platform and improve our service to better meet our partners’ needs. With supply and demand growing for our ad mediation platform WAVE, we plan on ensuring campaign management is smooth and streamlined and able to give our partners all of the benefits I just mentioned.

Besides continuously observing developments in the market and carrying out implementation optimizations, our Product team is now planning on introducing bidding on a tier level – grouping countries based on their traffic quality. This is in addition to bidding on a country level and traffic source level. 

We also have some plans to introduce ready API clients for the most popular programming languages in the future. I believe that it will be a smart move to make the implementation or version updating process much easier and faster.

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