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User Acquisition Insights with Michael Jessen

In this series of articles, UA managers will answer 6 questions to share their insights on UA and industry trends.

1. How do you approach UA at Socialpoint?

Each game has its own strategy defined by a Product Marketer and several UA Specialists. We approach UA based on what similar games are doing on the market in terms of partner and geo diversification as well as what has been working for our games in the (recent) past.

2. Which target groups work best for your games? How and where are you able to find them?

Each game has its own audience in terms of players, and the same goes for age and gender. We see that our core audience is a bit younger, while the people that make transactions in the game are slightly older. We target these users by segmenting campaigns by age and gender wherever we can to get the best quality players.

3. Can you share your biggest learnings of the past year? UA or industry related?

I think during the whole Covid-19 situation the biggest learning would be not to stop pushing UA. We analyzed metrics very early with our marketing analytics team and were therefore able to scale our marketing investment immensely.

4. If there is 1 advice you could give to UA managers what would it be?

Diversify your partner mix. You want to have a healthy mix of partners and not depending on the big guys only (e.g. Facebook and Google). They will probably always be the partners with the biggest chunk of investment, but you need to have multiple partners to make sure that when Facebook and Google have a bad week/month you are able to back up the performance.

5. How do you think the UA market will develop within the next year? And which role will rewarded ad formats play in it?

It will definitely change next year, mainly driven by the iOS changes and potentially Google doing something similar. Privacy will remain the number one focus for Apple and Google, which potentially will make targeting the right users harder for marketers. Rewarded on Android will continue to grow, as users get more engaged and this format is doing pretty well in terms of monetization. Hopefully, iOS will play a bigger role in rewarded traffic as well in the upcoming year.

6. And last but not least, what is your favorite mobile game?

By far Call of Duty Mobile — I play it every day with friends online since the beginning of March.

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