Club Vegas Hits #1 in the German Google Play Store

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Club Vegas
in Germany Google Play Store
of Paid Acquisition from adjoe
UA Channel in December

In 2012 a modest team of five people established what is now known as the multinational gaming company Bagelcode. Since then, Bagelcode has expanded from a team of five to a company with offices in Seoul, London, Tel Aviv, and Dnipro – and it has become a major player in the social casino market with over 40 million downloads globally.


As competition for acquiring social casino gamers intensified, Bagelcode sought to scale its Club Vegas user base beyond its core English-speaking markets in order to expand its global presence. In order to achieve this, Media Buyer for Club Vegas, Julian Bacquet, decided to look to adjoe for identifying new markets and developing a comprehensive strategy to scale its user base.


adjoe’s rewarded-ad unit Playtime rewards users in the in-app currency of the publisher’s app for their time spent playing third-party games like Bagelcode’s Club Vegas. In summary, for every minute a user spends playing Club Vegas, they are then rewarded in the publisher’s in-app currency.

Through its user opt-in, Playtime uses predictive algorithms to analyze adjoe’s first-party data in order to identify then create targeted campaigns based on a user’s profile. The use of post-install data allows Bagelcode to further identify and then optimize campaigns based on which user profiles have delivered the highest ROAS.

By combining all data points, Bagelcode can develop a comprehensive bidding strategy that achieves its ROAS goals while scaling each campaign. This gives Bagelcode the greatest insights when competing in the highly competitive social casino vertical.

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In early November, adjoe identified Germany as an attractive market for Bagelcode to begin focusing on. With the help of adjoe analytics, Bagelcode was able to develop a more granular approach when scaling Club Vegas in the German market.

In order to grow its user base, adjoe analyzed post-install event trends by user ages, genders, operating systems, as well as the sources that drove the highest rates of depositors. This allowed Bagelcode to create a granular bidding strategy, allowing it to scale sources with the highest ROAS even further.

By the end of November, adjoe became Bagelcode’s largest channel in Germany, delivering approximately 75 percent of all paid installs. Three weeks after optimizing its approach, Club Vegas became the number-one social casino game in the German Google Play Store.

Since launching Bagelcode’s first Club Vegas campaign in May 2020, Bagelcode has expanded its strategy beyond its core US market to acquire users in CA, UK, AU, JP, DE, and many other countries. This expansion of Bagelcode’s strategy resulted in a swift increase in ad spend, with spend even doubling in both November and December. This placed adjoe as one of the top user acquisition channels for Bagelcode in December.

adjoe’s ability to systematically analyze user trends within Bagelcode’s core user demographics and beyond has been vital to scaling, while both achieving and surpassing its short- and long-term ROAS goals, month over month.

Club Vegas Becomes the #1 Social Casino Game in the German Play Store.
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Looking Forward

As Bagelcode continues to expand globally you can expect to see Club Vegas continue to top Play Store charts as well as the introduction of new games in early 2021. As for the adjoe Bagelcode partnership, we are already in the process of analyzing and developing strategies to expand and enter new markets.

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“adjoe became an important channel for us through its granular targeting, its ability to find engaged users, and its sizeable inventory – also in non-US markets. It will be one of the first acquisition channels for our future games.”
Julian Bacquet, Media Buyer, Bagelcode

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