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Scaling Efficiency with PLAYSTUDIOS

PLAYSTUDIOS develops engaging social casino games for the world’s largest social and mobile platforms.

For more than a year, adjoe and PLAYSTUDIOS have worked together to improve the efficiency of every cent spent for an install, while hitting the KPIs of PLAYSTUDIOS’ top game POP! Slots – Free Vegas Casino Slot Machine Games.

Over the course of the partnership, there have been many different learning opportunities and successes worth acknowledging, but we would like to focus this case specifically on cost per install efficiency.

On the following graph, you can see the efficiency development of Tier 1 GEOs for the past year. The line “Costs” corresponds to the average bid PLAYSTUDIOS set on adjoe’s platform. The line “Volumes” shows us the growth of the installs during the set period. The first optimization occurred in summer 2018 when, despite a significant decrease of the average costs in only two months, adjoe was able to recover the same amount of installs.

adjoe started advertising campaigns with the effectiveness coefficient 1.8, which showed the influence that every additional US dollar cent spent had on the increase in volumes. The higher the coefficient, the more installs PLAYSTUDIOS generated for every cent they spent. Below, you can see how the effectiveness developed, which increased from 2.16 in the first month (March 2018) through 3.29 in August 2018 to 4.3 in March 2019.

As a result of adjoe’s targeting options based on demographics and internal optimizations, adjoe managed to improve the efficiency of the POP! Slots — Free Vegas Casino Slot Machine Games campaigns in Tier 1 GEOs twice, and after one year, PLAYSTUDIOS now receives two times more installs for the same price than the previous year.

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