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Playrix — Keeping Video Creatives Updated Contributes Highly to Conversion Rate Increase

Playrix is one of the leading mobile game developers in the world focusing on free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets. The company has created such iconic games as GardenscapesTownshipFishdom and has recently launched Wildscapes, an incredibly enthralling match-3 game.

While keeping the performance of the campaigns at a high level is undoubtedly very important, the first step to do that is to attract the potential user to the game, make them interested enough to click on the ad and install it. One of the main ways to do this is to find a picture language that is appealing to the target audience in the ad creative being displayed to them. This case study focuses on video creative wear and the importance of keeping the visuals up to date.

The first struggles appeared when we noticed that install rates for some games are dropping over time, and after a deep and thorough analysis, we found out that the creatives drop in their Click-Through-Rate after some time, resulting in lesser installs. The new creatives, in turn, have their top performance during the first weeks usually. As an example, below is the graph of one of the video creatives of the game Township and it’s Click-Through-Rate efficiency over time (clicks/views, with 100% being the highest daily performance).

In the first week the creative had a Conversion-Rate of almost 85% and a constant Click-Through-Rate around 70% for the first four weeks. After that it dropped, ending up at the mark below 35% starting from week 15. As a result, the Conversion-Rate efficiency (installs/views rate efficiency) of the creative showed the same tendency, since without clicks no installs are possible:

After digging deeper into statistics, the tendency is being shown in other video creatives as well. Below, the stats of Click-Through- and Conversion-Rate of three other video creatives for the game Township:

As you can see above, the performance is decreasing over time, in most cases this happens after week four, and the Click-Through-Rate efficiency decreases at least in half on average. Since the install rate is highly dependent on the click-through, it drags down the overall conversion resulting in a similar tendency.

Since, for us at Applike it is very important to keep campaigns always effective and tune them accordingly to deliver the highest quality possible, we have managed to bring the overall CTR up and made it stable, keeping the CR at high levels as well:

So, while maintaining the performance of the campaigns is a crucial part of any cooperation in mobile ad tech sector, it is important not to neglect the start of the path, when a potential user is converted into an active one, which is the moment they first see the ad, and one of the ways to do it is to make sure that your creative ads are always up to date and set new incentives to be clicked.

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