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How to Make Your Hypercasual Game Hyperprofitable

In a mobile gaming world where not all users are created equal, you need to find the right marketing channel and bid to not only acquire the right users but also set up the right monetization landscape for your hypercasual game. adjoe tapped into precisely this advertising challenge at the 2021 Hyper Games Conference (HGC), an event dedicated to advertisers and developers in the hypercasual games industry. 

As a Gold Sponsor at the virtual event, adjoe presented its new and unique user acquisition channel, adjoe Advance, to industry experts and participants from all around the globe. Going into greater detail, Growth Lead, Carly Ostasiewski, explained what it is that makes this leading growth engine for hypercasual games a money-making machine that maximizes the average revenue per user acquired.

In a Nutshell: What Is adjoe Advance?

Finding the right users for your game is a tricky business. That’s why adjoe took the most important KPIs for hypercasual games into consideration when it designed its new growth platform Advance, an exclusive way for hypercasual advertisers to acquire new premium quality users at scale.

To describe the model in one sentence: Advance creates a continuous engagement loop between instant gameplay and instant gratification. Unlike any other channel, Advance continuously rewards users in a publisher’s in-app currency based on the number of levels they complete in a hypercasual game – driving users to play longer and more often. 

Carly broke down exactly what this means for advertisers at the conference.


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What Will Advance Mean for Your User Acquisition?

1. Less Competition to Acquire Valuable Users Compared with Your Standard Channels

We know it’s a seriously saturated mobile gaming market out there. So, eliminating your competition from the playing field must sound like a pretty sweet deal. Advance is our unique and effective UA solution designed specifically for the hypercasual games segment. How? It caters exclusively to hypercasual game advertisers and only to adjoe’s demand partners in what we call an exclusive ecosystem. Besides the obvious, let us tell you why this access to adjoe-only SDK traffic is extremely lucrative for you as an advertiser.

Advance is adjoe’s very own SDK network that ensures hypercasual advertisers acquire users without competition from typically high-CPI-bidding games, such as strategy or social casino games. Your CPI bids are therefore lower in Advance than they would be in other channels. Working with this platform, adjoe can tell you which CPI will help you achieve what kind of scale, meaning you can market your hypercasual gamers extremely effectively. This is precisely how our partner Sunday acquired more valuable users and achieved an ARPU 20% higher in the United States for its title Cat Escape.

As for the types of users you’re drawing in to play your game, they are already active hyperengaged hypercasual gamers – but they’re also users of apps you wouldn’t necessarily reach so directly. This is because Advance’s SDK network connects you with gamers from nonconventional supply sources, such as dating, loyalty, and rewarded apps, so you can also revive older hypercasual game titles that may have already achieved their peak. With these older, more stagnant titles, Advance can bring in new users that you initially may not have previously connected with in a meaningful way.

2. Increased Sessions/Levels Completed

What’s more rewarding than receiving rewards after completing levels in an already-highly-addictive game? Hypercasual games that go viral are ridiculously fun by default – and Advance capitalizes on this by throwing another fun feature into the mix with its unparalleled rewards-based model. Users earn and collect rewards continuously for each level they complete in your game.

At the Hyper Games Conference, Carly explains Advance’s user flow, which is expertly devoted to increasing sessions and levels completed by the user.

Highly effective for the advertiser and extremely compelling for the user, this need-to-collect–need-to-earn (not to mention, need-to-play) loop has proven not only that sessions increase by 17 percent on average but that gameplay lasts also around 12 percent longer. All of this means advertisers benefit from quantity and quality when using Advance: It drives users to the app more frequently and for longer. You then have a UA solution that boosts your users’ session time – and the number of levels they complete – and thus their ad consumption. 

3. Better Retention

It’s not all about UA and ARPU in hypercasual games; you need to look at the bigger picture. This is where we come back to our rewards loop: Rewards result in better retention. With our instant gratification model, your users return to play more often – as they have with Green Panda Games and CrazyLabs – and they are driven further and further into the game.

Since its launch, Advance has already demonstrated 20-percent higher long-term retention than with other channels – simply through connecting advertiser and publisher in a fun and revolutionary way. That’s why adjoe advance has become a core part of Sunday’s strategy after seeing their ARPU on Advance perform 20 percent higher in the United States compared with other channels.

 “adjoe has a better evolution than other partners; you start from a good quality, and the user can play as much as they want to earn currency. It’s more user-friendly because players always get rewards compared with other channels. It’s like a win–win.”

Thomas Létoublon, Green Panda Games
Advance leads to better lifetime value in apps

Your Key to Unlocking New Users and More Users

Are your old hypercasual titles stagnating? Do you want to connect with an untapped market of engaged users? The most successful hypercasual games leverage the right marketing channels that supply them with high-quality users. By advertising through an exclusive network that’s already partnered with hundreds of Android apps – you will reap the rewards of stronger user engagement and a higher LTV.

Like a hypercasual game itself, we needed to make our presentation at the HGC short and snappy – if you’re ready to scale your user base, contact us to launch your first campaign!

Tune in to more Hyper Games Conference recordings to find out what else was discussed by fellow industry experts. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the next HGC in February, where adjoe will dive deeper into hypercasual gaming data collected in the Mobile Games Index, including the games that reign supreme as the most played daily according to their session times.

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