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HUUUGE GAMES: How to Increase Profitability through Campaign Optimization

Finding the right targeting groups in order to increase the profitability of campaigns is a challenge that every account manager in the industry faces on a daily basis. This is a story of how we at adjoe teamed up with Huuuge Games to optimize its profitability.

Who Is Huuuge Games?

Huuuge Games is a gaming company on a mission to build the world’s largest real-time social casual gaming platform. Their flagship app, Huuuge Casino, aims to offer an interactive environment to its users, so they can have the best social gaming experience in a real-time free-to-play casino sphere.

The Mission

adjoe’s goal was to optimize campaign targeting and increase profitability, which was accomplished by increasing the purchase-to-install Day 3 and Day 7 ratio.

The Method

Test campaigns were run for a period of three weeks in order to gather a significant sample of data that could be analyzed afterward. Based on this data, campaigns were optimized with a goal of increasing the purchase-to-install Day 3 (D3) and Day 7 (D7) metrics.

The campaign used as an example will be a male audience targeting Huuuge Casino campaign in the United States.

The Result

Through optimization based on a granular analysis of targeting groups, Huuuge Games succeeded in increasing the profitability of their Huuuge Casino campaigns.

Test Campaign Details and Results

Huuuge Casino: Free Slot Machines Games, male, age 25+, Android OS 7+, testing period: 21 days

Test campaign results on a week-to-week basis

Further analysis showed that the greatest discrepancies, in terms of D3 and D7 purchase-to-install ratios, lie between different operating system groups (as seen below).

Performance comparison of OS7 and OS8+ group during the testing phase.


The campaign setup was changed according to the results acquired from the test campaign. Android operating system 7 was left out of the targeting.

With the fresh targeting setup, the campaign targeted a male audience aged 25 and above, with an Android OS 8 or higher.

After running the new campaign setup for the same period of time, the following results were observed.

The results of the new campaign setup, after a period of three weeks
Performance comparison between the test campaign and the new setup


adjoe discovered during this investigation that purchase-to-install D3 increased by more than double. Also, the purchase-to-install D7 increased by 73.94 percent.

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