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Less about the sales deck …

… more about the real tech. Our developers are the engineers behind our ideas, our industry-changing ad technologies, our dashboards, and our ad mediation platform. Split into agile and independent units, meet the meticulous minds of our Tech team.
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Demand Solutions

Build the core technologies connecting mobile publishers with the right users for their apps and games. Demand Solutions’ software is developed 100% in-house. And the team is always eager to extract, process, and aggregate terabytes of data efficiently by building end-user-friendly, modern user interfaces and software.
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Programmatic Supply

Boost the bidding business in real time. adjoe’s backend system can handle a few billion auctions in real time every day. To handle this many simultaneous requests – and improve memory efficiency and execution time, the Programmatic team constantly optimizes its Golang code.
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Playtime Supply

The engineers of a more playful, persuasive, and personal ad experience. The success of our product comes down to this team’s ML algorithms and its software, adjoe’s own Android mobile SDK, a highly scalable and stable Golang backend hosted on AWS, and a modern React (TypeScript) dashboard for fast-loading insights.
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Cloud Engineering

Words of wisdom from the cloud engineers: When the system grows, your expertise grows. From various AWS services to Kubernetes and Apache foundation open source projects, the team continuously validates new cloud and architecture services to handle a huge amount of data in the most cost-efficient, secure way.
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Anti-Fraud Solutions

Forward-thinking – fraud-proof thinking. This team is all about detecting fraud attempts based on data with static patterns, using proprietary solutions to detect software manipulation, marking network traffic abnormalities, and knowing when to warn or even block requests.
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BI & Data Science

Data is decisive; it speaks louder than words.That’s why the BI & Data Science team is at the core of every company process – from product development to decisions. This team has a set of tools for every need (Spark and AWS S3), including data and cloud engineers.

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Full-time, Hamburg
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Our Tech Stack

Less is not always more – as proven by our extensive tech stack. And our team is always pitching new technologies that will help us grow our business.
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“adjoe provided the opportunity for me to be able to explore new technologies, learn new skills. It’s also an environment that really encourages liberal experimentation with different tools.”
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“You have the freedom to create a way of working that works best for you. Also, the people are great and it is very easy to fit in.”
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“I don’t think it really matters where you come from; you just have to be good at what you’re doing.“
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“Working on large projects involves interesting tasks and a lot of responsibility. This is exactly what I was looking for when I started at adjoe.“
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khouloud from adjoe’s tech team smiling


darren from adjoe’s tech team smiling into camera


polina from adjoe’s tech team is smiling at camera


Engineer Insights

What does it mean to be in our Tech team? Check out our adtech developers deploying their skills and pitching new technologies to test in our tech blog.
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