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5 Reasons Why Plugging in to WAVE Exchange Is Better for Business

A platform that forges smooth, strong, successful connections to publishers. 

A platform that offers advertisers inventory high in quality and diversity – and will bring them great opportunities to buy users and spend their UA budget wisely.  

This is what every demand source – DSPs, bidding SDK partners, and ad exchanges – hopes for when they connect mobile advertisers with the right audiences for their app. 

They can all enjoy these connections and this quality inventory with adjoe’s WAVE Exchange. Here’s why it’s considered one of the best ad exchanges in the market.

1. Direct Access to Premium Publishers

The space in which networks connect mobile demand sources with publishers is complex and crowded. There are too many intermediaries. 

Demand sources also have to deal with increasing costs and decreasing transparency when working with current ad exchanges in the market. 

adjoe’s WAVE Exchange, however, promises all demand partners direct access to top global publishers and every ad request, thanks to its direct SDK traffic. 

In other words: Demand sources waste no time and connect directly with the best-performing users.

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Publishers that implement adjoe’s WAVE SDK into their apps eliminate the need for intermediaries as follows:

  1. A publisher integrates the WAVE SDK
  2. All ad requests from their app are sent to WAVE
  3. WAVE sends bid requests to DSPs that are connected to WAVE Exchange

2. Fair Competition 

How would fair ad mediation look in an ideal world?

Our team thinks it should mean that demand sources never have to lose out on access to premium users due to biased auction models.

WAVE operates a bidding-only auction – there’s no waterfall model in sight. Demand sources gain unlimited access to every single ad request in this bidding-only auction. 

This unlimited access eliminates the unfairness of waterfalls, in which DSPs often lose out on the best-quality users. This is because they are prioritized after the huge networks in the waterfall hierarchy. This loss is completely out of their control.

diagram showing how competition is fair for DSPs with WAVE Exchange

3. Better Transparency and Cost Efficiency

What if demand sources could work with a clearer and more transparent cost structure, which empowered more efficient budget allocation?

WAVE removes intermediaries from the value chain. It has been intentionally designed like this so that demand sources plugged into WAVE Exchange can avoid the usual hidden fees and markups from other platform providers. 

adjoe itself also doesn’t take a cut of the revenue share on the exchange or mediation level and doesn’t manipulate the auction. This means DSPs bids are high and competitive.

All of this means that demand sources can allocate a more significant portion of their advertising budgets towards ad placements and fully optimize the impact of each advertising dollar.

They can put more money into what matters most to them.

4. Exclusive Ad Inventory 

Suddenly unlocking access to exclusive ad inventory is like digging up hidden treasure. 

WAVE Exchange offers advertisers exclusive ad placements from top publishers who monetize exclusively with WAVE. It also supports the most popular in-app ad units – from interstitial, rewarded ads, banners, and MREC. Since the product’s beginnings, WAVE has expanded its connections to mobile apps from diverse verticals and regions around the world. 

The platform delivers a unique opportunity for demand sources to captivate and tap into new audiences from a diverse range of top global publishers. This powerful portfolio of publishers ensures demand sources can expand their reach and acquire diverse and high-quality traffic.

WAVE now has more than 50 percent of the US market’s share of voice in its reach.

5. Full Functionality and Safety

What makes WAVE Exchange one of the best ad exchanges out there is its commitment to offer full functionality across all partnership dynamics. 

Each partnered demand source is equal – regardless of whether it has the SDK or not. WAVE Exchange ensures that all partners receive the same functionality to collect data and render ads. 

This level playing field promises fairness and allows demand sources to fully leverage the benefits of an ad exchange for their campaigns and advertisers. This is key to driving better results and building strong long-term partnerships.

diagram of WAVE Exchange certifications from IAB

The best ad exchanges prioritize brand safety and confidence while delivering you a great product that really performs. Demand sources not only enjoy full functionality with WAVE Exchange – they can know with confidence that it is also fully certified to deliver brand safety and prevent ad fraud through:

Is It Worth Connecting to WAVE Exchange?

Are transparency, inventory, and margins important to your team?

Most ad exchanges in the market right now don’t offer direct access to top ad inventory and premium publishers. WAVE Exchange not only offers that; it also promises DSPs they won’t incur hidden fees for using the product.

Decidedly the most important thing to take away is that WAVE Exchange promises to evolve together with all its demand source partners to change the less-than-ideal market status quo. It strives to sustainably build a more transparent ad landscape – for all its participants.

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